Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 13

The White Court Ball

Kevin wakes up moments after the explosion. He took the brunt of the blast but was able to save Tera, who is lying in the mud just beneath him. He looks around to see the party losing a battle against Black Court Vampires and their Renfields amid the heavy rain. Kevin confronts a Black Court Vamp with little success. Just when all hope seemed lost, a lightning bolt hits Evelyn and she is able to funnel it’s power into a spell, immobilizing all the Renfields. Kevin is able to focus on defeating his Black Court Vamp as the rest of the party dispose of the rest.

Kevin’s men finally show up and bring the party back to Kevin’s towers. There, Ellen makes arrangements for Tera to receive treatment and Sally accompanies here. Molly and Sanya are given rooms as Evelyn spends the night with Kevin.

The next morning, Kevin wakes to Evelyn sharing his bed. He is relieved that he was able to subdue her advances after that last bottle of wine. Sanya and Molly arrive and voice their concerns of the missing party members and ask Kevin to come to the White Court Ball just in case they need a representative for the Montrose estate. Kevin agrees. Ellen makes sure they party is well dressed and gets to the ball later that evening.

At the time of Kevin’s arrival at the ball, Evan, Henry, and Dante are just realizing that it is now Sunday and that they are all late for the ball. Henry and Dante’s cellphones go off in unison, showing many voicemails.

Ms. Gard tells Henry to get to the Ball ASAP. Dante is reamed by his grandfather to get to the Ball as well. Evan gets a message through Henry that there is something strange happening at the “apartment”.

Evan gets to the apartment to find Greg trying to capture the now flying children and Lorna hiding in the closet with her kids. Evan assesses the kids are being mind controlled and breaks the spell, knocking the kids unconscious. He calls a taxi and is irked to see Wanda arrive driving his mobile-wardrobe. He takes the ride regardless.

Henry and Dante arrive in the respective limos sent for them. Ms Gard tells Henry that he needs to catch up to all the small talk Vasiliki has been spouting to the investors. Leland tells Dante to try and not say anything or do anything that could get himself killed.

Kevin is already there and sees the rest of the party arrive, relieved that he no longer has to take responsibility of the vault unto himself. He’s about to join them when he overhears the name Carson being said from one of the men at the bar. Kevin fails to get on this hulk of a man’s good side and is quickly shooed away.

As Vasiliki tries to sway Sanya over to his side, with no results. Henry makes his case to the other investors. Some headway is made with all except for Leanansidhe who says she will only vote in Henry’s favor if Dante accepts to following her.

The party is led to a conference room with Vasiliki and as the meeting begins a rumble is felt shaking the building. The doors to the conference room are opened to show a large number of Winter Court forces attacking every and any member of the ball. The party finds out that all these creatures are being mind controlled. On top of that, phone calls come to different members of the party indicating problems all over the city. The estate is overrun with mind controlled practitioners, all of whom were being hidden by the vault. The east green is being overrun with flying monkeys. There is a blonde man wreaking havoc in the factory district. The island of Fort Carroll is being towered over by a large being holding a trident. There is also a large ghoul presence congregating around the Washington Monument downtown.

The party splits up to to tackle each problem as Baltimore is at its brink.


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