Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 12.3

A Request

Kevin and Evelyn head back to the estate entrance once it becomes cloudy again. They see a commotion as Kevin’s men are confronting a very irate looking woman. Getting closer, Kevin recognizes this woman as Molly Carpenter.

She recognizes Kevin from the bridge and tells him she’s trying to talk to Evan but these assholes are getting in her way. Kevin tells his men to stand down and rushes Molly to the poolhouse. She introduces herself to Evelyn and, as they shake hands, Evelyn gets some familiar sense from Molly which she can’t put her finger on.

Wellington tells the trio that Evan hasn’t come back here or to the apartment. Also, neither Henry nor Dante are answering their phones. Considering Evan was last seen with them, Wellington doesn’t fear for Evan’s safety but is concerned with how close this disappearance is to the White Court Ball.

Molly tells Kevin that she arrived for the Ball but was just recently contacted by a friend from Chicago. An old mentor of that friend, Tera West has gone missing in the Baltimore area. The friend asked Molly if she could look into it since she was already there. She was hoping that the resident wizard in town could provide assistance but it seems that venue is bust for now.

Molly starts to leave but Kevin stops her to inquire if this is the same Tera West who can turn into a wolf. Molly says it’s the other way around, but that’s a story for another time. If he knows Tera then he should help her. Molly apparently knows another good White Court Vamp and Kevin seems on the level. Kevin doesn’t correct her vampire assessment. Molly also says that Evelyn should come to if she’s willing. Molly knows from experience that a powerful wizard fire, even blazing unfocused, can be useful. Evelyn says that she’s just developing her powers. Molly says that’s impossible since Molly has a natural talent to sense things like these out and that Evelyn is almost as powerful as her, but without the years of training that is.

Molly asks for their decision. Kevin hesitates but finds Evelyn giving him an affirming gaze. He says he’ll help as long as Evelyn comes too. Evelyn declines saying she is no hero. Kevin says he’s not trying to be a hero. He’s just assisting a missing friend. A friend who also fought in defense of Evelyn and Susan at Penn Station. Evelyn winces at the name and it’s use. Kevin back peddles. Evelyn says it’s ok and resolves to help out.


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