Baltimore is in many ways still one of those cities where you can get yourself killed if you’re not careful. Most American cities underwent some serious cleanup since the 1970s; Baltimore tried, but didn’t make it as far as most of us would have liked. We have gangbangers and thugs ruling some of the streets. We have corruption in the city government and in the police force. We have manufacturers laying off people by the hundreds. We have abandoned buildings and streets that never rebuilt after the ’68 riots. We have unemployment that’s never going to go away. You’ve seen The Wire? Homicide:Life on the Street? Yeah. It’s like that.
I’m not saying that other cities aren’t as bad, or that Baltimore is an irredeemable hellhole. Some people stand up and say “No.” There are some good people doing good work in the bad neighborhoods (hell, there are even some genuinely nice neighborhoods). There are some good, honest cops among the bad ones. There are some politicians whose idealism hasn’t been beaten out of them yet. There are people in the supernatural know down in the trenches pushing back against the creeping darkness. They’re still fighting the good fight—and Baltimore is a city worth fighting for.

The major supernatural players in Baltimore stand on the brink of war. Wizards, vampires, the fae, and terrible creatures of darkness stand against one another, struggling over the city. This conflict has not yet become open warfare, but it’s probably only a matter of time. The storm is brewing. Even the city’s minor talents can feel the tension. While there’s a lot to love about Baltimore, there’s a lot of reason to be very, very afraid of it. But as I’ve said, Baltimore is worth fighting for.

Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

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