Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 13
The White Court Ball

Kevin wakes up moments after the explosion. He took the brunt of the blast but was able to save Tera, who is lying in the mud just beneath him. He looks around to see the party losing a battle against Black Court Vampires and their Renfields amid the heavy rain. Kevin confronts a Black Court Vamp with little success. Just when all hope seemed lost, a lightning bolt hits Evelyn and she is able to funnel it’s power into a spell, immobilizing all the Renfields. Kevin is able to focus on defeating his Black Court Vamp as the rest of the party dispose of the rest.

Kevin’s men finally show up and bring the party back to Kevin’s towers. There, Ellen makes arrangements for Tera to receive treatment and Sally accompanies here. Molly and Sanya are given rooms as Evelyn spends the night with Kevin.

The next morning, Kevin wakes to Evelyn sharing his bed. He is relieved that he was able to subdue her advances after that last bottle of wine. Sanya and Molly arrive and voice their concerns of the missing party members and ask Kevin to come to the White Court Ball just in case they need a representative for the Montrose estate. Kevin agrees. Ellen makes sure they party is well dressed and gets to the ball later that evening.

At the time of Kevin’s arrival at the ball, Evan, Henry, and Dante are just realizing that it is now Sunday and that they are all late for the ball. Henry and Dante’s cellphones go off in unison, showing many voicemails.

Ms. Gard tells Henry to get to the Ball ASAP. Dante is reamed by his grandfather to get to the Ball as well. Evan gets a message through Henry that there is something strange happening at the “apartment”.

Evan gets to the apartment to find Greg trying to capture the now flying children and Lorna hiding in the closet with her kids. Evan assesses the kids are being mind controlled and breaks the spell, knocking the kids unconscious. He calls a taxi and is irked to see Wanda arrive driving his mobile-wardrobe. He takes the ride regardless.

Henry and Dante arrive in the respective limos sent for them. Ms Gard tells Henry that he needs to catch up to all the small talk Vasiliki has been spouting to the investors. Leland tells Dante to try and not say anything or do anything that could get himself killed.

Kevin is already there and sees the rest of the party arrive, relieved that he no longer has to take responsibility of the vault unto himself. He’s about to join them when he overhears the name Carson being said from one of the men at the bar. Kevin fails to get on this hulk of a man’s good side and is quickly shooed away.

As Vasiliki tries to sway Sanya over to his side, with no results. Henry makes his case to the other investors. Some headway is made with all except for Leanansidhe who says she will only vote in Henry’s favor if Dante accepts to following her.

The party is led to a conference room with Vasiliki and as the meeting begins a rumble is felt shaking the building. The doors to the conference room are opened to show a large number of Winter Court forces attacking every and any member of the ball. The party finds out that all these creatures are being mind controlled. On top of that, phone calls come to different members of the party indicating problems all over the city. The estate is overrun with mind controlled practitioners, all of whom were being hidden by the vault. The east green is being overrun with flying monkeys. There is a blonde man wreaking havoc in the factory district. The island of Fort Carroll is being towered over by a large being holding a trident. There is also a large ghoul presence congregating around the Washington Monument downtown.

The party splits up to to tackle each problem as Baltimore is at its brink.

Session 12.6
Bravo Team

The party arrive at their destination:
-The vampire with the deep, green eyes,
-the budding pyromancer sparsely covered in white bandages,
-the black and Russian Knight of the Cross,
-the timid werewolf, and
-the multi-coloured hair, fishnet wearing apprentice

The area is decrepit. The trees as far as the eyes can see are withered and dying. A stream cuts through the area starting from a distant storm drain protruding from a distant hill. Behind it is a statue. A weeping angel that once stood atop a grave now blackened by an unknown corruption. Behind the statue is a small, east facing cabin. It’s front caved in and resting on the floor. A dozen or so people walk around the area in a trance like state, some toting automatic weapons. No vampires in sight.

The party stop behind some brambles to assess the area. Most stand guard as Molly uses her wizard’s third eye. Tears adorn her face as she finishes her scout and informs the party. All the opposition are Renfields. Some mind control is subtle, even flawless, taking a skilled magic user and/or much preparation to to execute. The people surrounding the cabin have had a more forceful, quick and dirty form of mind control done to them. Those people will follow orders but their minds are broken. There is no quick spell to undo the damage and even if they were subdued and had some sort of treatment, it might take decades to rehabilitate them. Even so, what would remain would not be pretty.

Sanya says that her father would say that all life is precious and should be defended at all costs. Molly looks defeated. Sanya says that he is not her father and that he is not a Christian. Killing these people would put an end to their suffering. He looks to the party and they all sadly agree. Sally asks about Tera and her pack. Molly says there are 2 wolves; one with much power who is faint of spirit and another who has less overall power but who is a Renfield, Sally bites down her anguish.

Molly says that she didn’t see it but she has a natural sense that’s saying there is some bad, BAD mojo coming from beneath the cabin. The rain get heavier. Molly says they should go now before the rain makes the magic users useless. Sally throws Evelyn’s jacket to Kevin. Kevin glimpses the nude Sally but before he has time to be embarrassed for her, his eyes are now focused on her wolf form. A plan of attack is made.

The Renfielded wolf smells blood and heads out the cabin over the stream. The human Renfields slowly stroll towards the wolf’s direction. Molly makes the Renfields believe nothing is happening in front of them as a freshly bled Evelyn, Kevin and Sally take down the Renfielded wolf who reverts back to human form. Sally reverts to human and cries over the broken, burnt, but not dead body of her friend. Molly yells that she can’t maintain the spell on all of the others and tells them to finish it. Sally can’t. Evelyn can’t either. Sanya moves up but is stopped by Kevin. Kevin picks up the body, tells the others that Sally’s friend will die feeling happy, and he speeds out of view.

Molly veils herself, Sanya and Sally and they head towards the cabin. Evelyn breathes heavily, readying herself and waiting on Kevin’s signal. The Renfields are treated to the real, smoldering view ahead of them. To add to there confusion, a loud noise resembling some college student trying to imitate an eagle sound is heard to the north. With them distracted, Evelyn creates an almost closed circle of fire around them. Kevin speeds in and disarms all of the Renfield’s of their guns and tosses them in the stream. That’s when their plan falls apart.

Making their way across the stream, a lose rock tumbles Molly forward and the rushing water removes the veil. A Renfield seeing the small opening of the fire, towards the stream, sees Molly’s team beyond Kevin, making their way to the cabin. The Renfield pulls out a grenade and tosses it into the cabin and by Tera. Kevin is the only one fast enough to speed into the cabin in time. Kevin’s universe turns white.

Session 12._5

They get to a sparsely wooded park at the edge of town right as it starts raining. With the car not having a chance going slow in mud and only one umbrella between them, the magic users huddle to stay dry as Kevin follows.

Thunder booms as the trio head deep into unbeaten paths. A hill is conquered just before snarls and grunts are heard in the distance. With trees for cover, they creep up on what looks like a large man trying to swing a sword at a very large wolf. On inspection of her spell and the movements of the grudge match ahead, Molly concludes that the wolf is actually Sally. Evelyn starts to gather will but Molly stops her stating that running water and magic users don’t mix. Also, Molly recognizes that sword.

Molly asks Kevin to create a distraction as Molly and Evelyn need to get closer without the wolf sensing them. Kevin speeds into the fray and starts taunting the wolf. It speeds toward Kevin but then stops in it’s tracks as Molly finishes a spell. The wolf reverts to a naked Sally. Evelyn gives Sally her windbreaker, leaving Evelyn with a tank top, exposing her many bandages from the incident that morning.

The man with the sword walks up to Molly and gives her a big hug. She squirms out of his grasp complaining halfheartedly that he’s damp and muddy. The Knight of the Cross, Sanya, sheathes his sword and greets the party. He says he was returning to town for the ball when he had the gut feeling of something wrong in the park. When he found an encampment of Black Court Vampires, he would call this feeling “divine intervention” if only he wasn’t agnostic. Before assessing further dangers, he was chased to this clearing by this wolf.

Molly explains the situation of Tera, the missing students, and the theory of vampire involvement. The mind control spell that she broke on Sally confirms that these Black Court are particularly powerful. Sally agrees as she comes to.

Sally says that students were going missing around campus. There was suspicion that each of the missing got caught up in a dare or was just generally curious of reports of a creepy statue in the North Parks for no explanation. The wolf pack, tutored by Tera, all went to the park to eliminate any supernatural threat. Sally was the only one who obeyed Tera’s command of not going to tackle threats in her absence from town since this pack was so young.

When the pack never came back, Tera hurried back to town after hearing it from Sally. After her run in with Kevin, Tera and Sally found the pack’s scent very easily. Sally remembers Tera saying the were close, then everything is pretty much a blur until just now.

Molly says they have to go now before the sun sets if the party has any chance of defeating them. Sally yells for caution since this seems like a never ending trap for would-be rescuers. Molly tells her that she can head back, but this has to end before anyone else gets hurt, human or wolf. Sally is left in the clearing as the rain pours down harder. She joins them before they get out of site.

Session 12.4
Lost and...

Kevin, Evelyn, and Molly head to the university to start their search for Tera West. The campus is not a lively as Kevin remember’s it. Where frisbee tossers and outdoor study goers used to frequent is now occupied by blowing trash and only the odd student rushing hastily to class. A storm is coming in.

Molly demanded Kevin’s people not tag along or bad things might happen to them. Kevin tells them to head back but calms their case of protest by asking them to wait on standby if he needs them. Plus he’s with two attractive AND scary powerful women. He should be fine. Kevin gets back to the girls. Molly reveals her eavesdropping skills and asks if she’s the attractive or the scary one. Kevin blazes a path to Tera’s office.

The trio find no information on Tera’s whereabouts from staff and find that she had no classes this semester. Evelyn finds a list of students in Tera’s desk, many of the names crossed off. Kevin recalls that Tera was in town trying to find missing students and that she suspected some vampire involvement. The trio decide to look for the only student whose name wasn’t crossed off the list yet.

The dorm of the student in question, Sally, is open and empty. Using magic, Molly gets a tracking spell focused on Sally. The three get in a not-so-blue-and-borrowed Volkswagen of Molly’s and head north.

During the ride, Molly rides shotgun to focus on the spell and promises unending suffering to Kevin if he screws up while driving. Evelyn, awed by such effortless self control of magic, asks Molly about the familiar feeling she saw in her. Upon describing the feeling, Molly tells her that Evelyn sensed the black magic inside Molly. Something a Lawbreaker gets. Molly goes into her tale of her misuse of magic and her near execution. By the end of the story, Evelyn’s eyes are red and welling. Molly asks if she’s ok. She says she’s fine and that she’s just happy Molly survived.

Session 12.3
A Request

Kevin and Evelyn head back to the estate entrance once it becomes cloudy again. They see a commotion as Kevin’s men are confronting a very irate looking woman. Getting closer, Kevin recognizes this woman as Molly Carpenter.

She recognizes Kevin from the bridge and tells him she’s trying to talk to Evan but these assholes are getting in her way. Kevin tells his men to stand down and rushes Molly to the poolhouse. She introduces herself to Evelyn and, as they shake hands, Evelyn gets some familiar sense from Molly which she can’t put her finger on.

Wellington tells the trio that Evan hasn’t come back here or to the apartment. Also, neither Henry nor Dante are answering their phones. Considering Evan was last seen with them, Wellington doesn’t fear for Evan’s safety but is concerned with how close this disappearance is to the White Court Ball.

Molly tells Kevin that she arrived for the Ball but was just recently contacted by a friend from Chicago. An old mentor of that friend, Tera West has gone missing in the Baltimore area. The friend asked Molly if she could look into it since she was already there. She was hoping that the resident wizard in town could provide assistance but it seems that venue is bust for now.

Molly starts to leave but Kevin stops her to inquire if this is the same Tera West who can turn into a wolf. Molly says it’s the other way around, but that’s a story for another time. If he knows Tera then he should help her. Molly apparently knows another good White Court Vamp and Kevin seems on the level. Kevin doesn’t correct her vampire assessment. Molly also says that Evelyn should come to if she’s willing. Molly knows from experience that a powerful wizard fire, even blazing unfocused, can be useful. Evelyn says that she’s just developing her powers. Molly says that’s impossible since Molly has a natural talent to sense things like these out and that Evelyn is almost as powerful as her, but without the years of training that is.

Molly asks for their decision. Kevin hesitates but finds Evelyn giving him an affirming gaze. He says he’ll help as long as Evelyn comes too. Evelyn declines saying she is no hero. Kevin says he’s not trying to be a hero. He’s just assisting a missing friend. A friend who also fought in defense of Evelyn and Susan at Penn Station. Evelyn winces at the name and it’s use. Kevin back peddles. Evelyn says it’s ok and resolves to help out.

Session 12.2
A Long Goodbye

Evelyn asks Kevin for a ride home. Along with a new limo, the pair are treated to(without asking for) a practical motorcade of SUV’s keeping eyeful watch.

Evelyn gets to her apartment and asks Kevin to accompany her. Kevin asks his guards to stay there. Evelyn enters her place, tells Kevin to make himself at home and she jumps into the shower. They banter through the open door as Evelyn is heard finishing up and now blow-drying her hair. Kevin mentions he’s only been here the last time to see Susan. A loud pop is heard from the bathroom and a scream from Evelyn. Kevin runs in to find shrapnel from an exploded hairdryer and Evelyn using her towel to smother the many flames. Kevin helps put out the last of it then notices the many cuts adorning Evelyn’s upper body and face. He starts to point them out but then it occurs to him that she’s stark naked.

She notices the cuts and Kevin’s apprehension to her state of dress. She winces in pain as she grabs a hand towel and places it on her lap as see sits on the closed toilet. She motions Kevin to the cabinet where he fetches a first aid kit. Evelyn tells him to dress her wounds as she is and he does so. During the silent bandaging process, Evelyn tells Kevin she’s leaving town.

She’s had enough of Baltimore, this new, supernatural world, and, mostly, all of Kevin’s companion’s as of late. She thought it was all a game with her new powers. She thought she was a superhero. But with heroes come villains and struggle and loss. She wants no more of it.

Applying the last bandage, Kevin says running isn’t an answer to the problem. Evelyn responds by saying that he runs from problems all the time. He says that’s different. Those are fights and avoiding them are sometimes the best course of action. What she is doing is running away from her feelings. Susan is gone. This being so recent, Kevin doesn’t want her to make any rash decisions. She says that her mind is all but made up. She heads to the bedroom and starts to pack. She asks if Kevin can bring her to one last place before she leaves town.

The motorcade stops in front of the Montrose Estate. The pair pass the gate as Kevin tells his men to guard the perimeter. Wellington greets the pair and recounts the events of what happened after they left. Evelyn says she doesn’t care and that she’s done with Evan and his friends. Wellington insists she stay but comes up short on reasons since he’s bound to keep certain details. She tells him that she knows Evan and his crew think she’s something special or the chosen one or whatever. She quits.

The pair leave Wellington staring as they head to Susan’s grave. Evelyn pucks flowers on the way and places the makeshift bouquet on the plot Kevin points out. She also places a photo of Susan and her from days past. Evelyn tells the grave site of her plans. She also asks forgiveness for dragging Susan into this world. Maybe if she had been more subdued with her powers, if she had never accepted that call to the aquarium, and many other things.

Kevin can’t help overhear everything Evelyn says. Maybe it’s his new heightened senses or just plain curiosity. Deep in thought over Evelyn’s words, he doesn’t notice that she has stopped talking and is looking straight at him. The sun has come out and is hitting him through a clearing of the trees. He’s sparkling.

Kevin can’t flee with the sun but still shades his face. Evelyn tells him its ok and that she’d really love to see his face right now. For her, standing over her best friend’s grave, he obliges. She slowly walks toward him as she tells him that, with all the chaos that has happened over the last two weeks, she will miss him. She apologizes about the “running away from fights” remark. In truth, Kevin was the one who pulled her out of the Fort during a fire she started. The person who was a perfect gentleman to Susan even though Susan was practically throwing herself at him in some supernatural drunkenness. He was the only who jumped blindly into an unknown world to keep Susan safe. And he fought a losing battle in defense of her best friend.

Evelyn says that once she leaves, aside from the loss of Susan, she will miss Kevin the most. She knows that she is nothing special no matter what Wellington, and Dante and the others say. She is no hero. But Kevin, in her eyes, is a hero. She takes his hands in hers and asks that when she’s gone that he’ll always be the same. Kevin mumbles some psychiatric logical that it’s natural for beings to constantly change and evolve. She tells him not to ruin the moment. He looks at her and promises to never change.
They kiss. Sparkles intensify.

Session 12.1
It's a Jade New World

Kevin and Evelyn arrive at Kevin’s tower after leaving the Montrose estate. The receptionist, Ellen, welcomes back Kevin, sees Evelyn, and assumes that Kevin’s dinner plans are already full. Kevin says it’s not like that and that he already ate. The receptionist notices the deeper green to Kevin’s eyes and congratulates Kevin. She then quickly informs his parents of Kevin’s full Jade Court status.

Evelyn is marveled by the accommodations and security Kevin now has. Kevin says he just got his trust fund. Evelyn calls him out on how the party kept whispering of Kevin’s new “change”. She also says she’s seen him use many of his powers AND that she has also read the Twilight books. Kevin sits and hangs his head in defeat.

Evelyn says it’s fine and as vampires go, he’s the most courageous one she’s ever met. Kevin almost vomits at the mention of the word but still notices the compliment. She asks what he plans on doing now that he has all this new power and security and doesn’t have to run from contract mercenaries anymore. Kevin says he’ll sleep on it.

Kevin awakes to the smell of steaming food with a side of books that have been brought up. He walks down his stairs to see Evelyn staring out the corner windows of the study, with a cup of coffee, deep in thought. Her thinking, plus the exposed leg protruding from the tight fitting silk robe that was brought up(from a forward thinking Ellen), rouses Kevin’s hunger. He is snapped out of it by Evelyn saying good morning a second time.

After eating, Evelyn goes up to the open area second floor to change. Kevin’s monster of a door starts to open which alarms Kevin since he should be the only one able to open it. Entering is a man who never says much, with muscles nearly bursting out from his sweater. Following is a short yet intimidating woman who you’d never suspect as Jade Court for how much she talks. Kevin’s parent arrive.

Mother Mackintrye(MM) congratulates Kevin on becoming full Jade. Father Mackintrye(FM) nods. Sparing the amount of redundant sentences mothers can use, here’s what she says:
-Baltimore is now his domain but he is free to leave whenever he feels like
-His schooling has been settled and he can choose to pick up where he left off next year or even decide to switch collages anywhere in the world.
-He has boundless funds but still must further the family business but can choose from a multitude of areas he can control; reminder of being immortal so changing fields can be done over lifetimes
-The supernatural community still sees Jade Court as a myth so he MUST do his best to keep his identity a secret
-Most supernaturals will mistaken him for White Court, except for White Court who are their biggest threat.
-Vasiliki knows of Jade Court, of Kevin and his parents. If an opportunity arises to kill Vasiliki, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
-It is important to gain allies. If the Jade Court has a problem, Kevin’s allies can deal with it with little exposure of Jade Court. Any problem Kevin does for them will just be seen as some meddling White Court upstart.
-Lastly, have some woman fall in love with him and get her pregnant.

Kevin spits his coffee and FM wipes it off his stoic face. Apparently, once a woman gives birth from a Jade Court as the father, that woman then becomes Jade Court herself. The offspring is a Jade Court Virgin until the first time he fully feeds. MM says it’s also fine if Kevin’s gay but that he needs a woman to commit to him nevertheless. Kevin yells he’s not gay, why would they think that. MM says they would still love him no matter what. FM nods. Kevin says this conversation is over and that they can leave.

Evelyn appears by the second floor ledge screaming Kevin’s name. She is furious at the attire provided by Ellen, indicating the tight green v-neck she is wearing with the very low V and the skinny jeans Evelyn is unaccustomed to, pointing at her unbuttoned fly. She also can’t find her previous night’s clothes anywhere. Finally noticing they have company, she finishes dressing and comes down to greet his parents with a winning smile.

After small talk, MM whispers to Kevin that it’s natural for a Jade male to pick an extroverted female as to bring attention to her, leaving the male at full strength. With that, Kevin pushes his parents out the door.

Session 12
Brothers, Wives, and Night Animal Control

The party heads back to the estate after learning the eye(the key to the vault) went missing during the battle. Upon arriving, they find Wellington tied to the gate, beaten and missing an arm. Onlookers across the estate look in horror as ambulance arrive with police right behind them.

The EMT’s try to put Wellington in the ambulance but Henry pulls a gun on them. Wellington immediately regains consciousness after being pulled within the grounds as police drive up and aim their guns on Henry.

With Wellington now able to recover, Henry aggressively reasons with them and peacefully goes with the officers. Wellington is able to tell Henry that it was Gilgamesh who attacked the vault. Leslie Vastolo and Luis Mirabal show up and assure the officers that they will take care of anything else needed at the estate.

Kevin and Evelyn leave.

Evan and Dante head down into the vault. After avoiding many dead corpses of ghouls, they find the vault wide open with the eye still in the statue. They find many files missing belonging to the Paranet, many items of power missing, and the main pedestal gone. After realizing the shells for the hatched eggs have been tampered with, they go in search of some hatched dragons.

Henry is about be interrogated by a couple of suits when someone knocks on the interrogation room door. The officers meet someone outside the door and, after a moment, Russell Carson walks in and sits across from Henry. He reveals that it was Henry’s mother who Joined with a young Alistair Crowley and gave birth to Carson and that Carson escaped while they tore Henry out of their mother’s womb, near feet from their now dead father. Carson offers Henry to join him, brothers side-by-side, grabbing their birthright and not being a slave to Baltimore’s supernatural monsters. Henry laughs in his face.

Carson leaves just after magically disintegrating Henry’s cuffs. The door is left open and, after no one hears Henry’s calls, Henry exits his room to find every single person, cop, criminal, and civilian dead within the police stations walls. Checking the police stations tapes, Henry tracks Carson coming into the station and then something like green eyes appears on his face then the camera stops recording. This happens every time a Carson appears on a new camera. Henry leaves the station to see a very recognizable gyrocopter headed east.

Evan and Dante land the gyrocopter next to an apartment complex in the East Green. Evan says his tracking spell on the supposed dragons are upstairs.

The pair head into the building and knock on a door. Someone behind the door asks what they want. They claim they are from animal control and that there are reports of wild birds in his apartment. The resident, Greg Johnson, says that there are no wild birds, he didn’t call for animal control, and asks why they are working so late. Evan says they are night animal control.

Henry arrives to distantly view the pair as the super attendant shows up and asks for a work order. Evan says he forgot it in the gyrocop… er, the van. The super asks for ID. The pair ask the super to be a bro. The super, eager to get back to his bottle of Jack, convince Greg to let them in for a quick check. They enter with Henry who is introduced as their co-worker. Greg says they can check everywhere but the children’s room. Evan heads immediately to the children’s room. His tracking spell indicates that the three sleeping children are the dragons or that the children are possibly “smuggling” the dragons in or on their persons.

Henry finally levels with Greg and tells him that the vault has been compromised and that the children/dragons are in danger. Greg feigns ignorance until Henry tells him that the head guy from “night animal control” is Evan Montrose. Greg asks why Evan didn’t just say that when he arrived. No one from the party really has an answer.

The party arrive at Evan’s apartment. It’s a literal castle on top of a high condominium on a peninsula on the east end of the waterfront. Evan introduces the party to his wife, Lorna, who is staying here with her 2 children. Evan tells the woman whom he married, got a green card for, brought her over to the States to live in his “apartment”, and has neither mentioned nor visited the entire time he has been back in Baltimore, that he is letting a man and his 2 nephews and niece stay at the castle. She says ok and they make love for at least 42 minutes, kind of.

Henry heads back to the vault and talks to the ghost of Fortunato. It’s revealed that Gilgamesh did take out Wellington but then Carson showed up and took a lot of files and all of the Winter Court’s items. Carson also tampered with all the special items and most importantly took the main pedestal out outright. Fortunato believes this hints at a more deeper scheme since the only person who could use such a pedestal would be one of the Fae Queens. So either one of the Queens is working with Carson or it might hold ill tidings for Evelyn’s immediate future.

Henry heads back to the apartment and asks Evan to track Carson using Henry’s blood, since they’re brothers. The party tracks Carson to the Dupin Society where Juan Vastolo is sitting on the porch reception desk. He seems to be in a daze so Henry slaps him, inadvertently sensing that Juan had been recently mind controlled. Juan remembers that Carson left a note for the party and as they look for it, Juan stabs Henry. Evan has just enough time to break Carson’s mind control when the party are bombarded with bullet fire coming from inside the building. Dante kills one person before Evan can break the rest of the mind controlled society members from Carson’s spell.

Henry leads the party down to the archive where a portal is seen closing with Carson, Paul Mackey, and a very large figure on the other side. The archive’s ghostly sentries are uncharacteristically standing by where the portal closed. The sentries make absolutely no movement until Evan tries to open a portal to follow Carson. Evan is attacked, Dante realizes his bullets don’t affect ghosts, and Henry calls upon stalwart conviction and swiftly banishes the ghosts away.

Evan finally opens the portal to find a dying Paul. He says that Carson took the statue of the Autumn Queen. Carson just needs to wait until this Sunday and he will have everything he needs to control the vault. Paul curses Evan for killing Susan, their candidate for the Autumn Queen. He also says that if Old Man Montrose would have just laid low and not have been a martyr for Baltimore, both Spring and Autumn would be on their way to their mantle of power. Evan tells him to stop complaining.

Paul gives Henry a book on the rituals of Autumn and Spring which Carson will be using to take over the vault. The party heads back to Baltimore. Paul dies. The party finds no society members and realize the clocks are all wrong. They exit to find a newspaper on the front porch. Today is Sunday!

Session 11

Every member of the party realizes that Kevin is now different. They decide to inquire of his new status at a later time as they head in search of the kidnapped Wanda.

The party follow Evan’s spell towards the location of Wanda. They get to a water treatment plant surrounded by police tape. It looks like a war took place here. Evan remembers this place as where his father died in a battle against Damocles Ravenborn and the remaining Red Court of Baltimore. Henry focuses his will and determines that Wanda was led here by a well armed man and that there might be more to his party, both inside and outside the building. Evan stays outside as the rest head into the main building.

Dante quickly finds a vantage point on the second floor of this expansive factory as the rest continue further into the building. They find Wanda and Evelyn sitting in front of an oddly placed table in the middle of the factory floor. They are calming drinking tea across from a gentleman with tactical makeup, armed with various small knives and a large sword. He leaves his AK-47 on the table as he greets the incoming party.

He tells Henry that this meeting was a rousse in conjunction with Wanda and others to have a definitive talk with Evan. Henry brings Evan to the man who introduces himself as Sam Smith. He then requests that he speak alone with Evan, much to the dismay of Wanda. Kevin leads Wanda and Evelyn away but Henry stays with a promise to only observe.

Sam tells him that he does work for the Paranet at times. Initially about to collect the bounty on Kevin, he was convinced by Wanda that Kevin is an ally of Evan’s. Although having no ill intent towards Kevin now, Sam had found Wanda in the presence of two bus loads of people. All have been confirmed to be fugitives of the White Council, all Lawbreakers aside from one Elaine Mallory who was aiding in their escape out of town. He has the buses and Elaine on site and has the resources to deliver them to his contact on the White Council.

Wanda has stated to him that all these people are also allies of Evan’s but Sam is suspicious. He asks Evan if the people are his allies. Evan says no. Sam says that it should then be no problem that he deliver them to White Council justice. Evan says no. Sam is confused. The conclusion of this part of their conversation ends with Sam understanding that even though Evan doesn’t want to kill them, if he is tasked to do so, he would follow the White Council’s rules.

Sam is satisfied and removes his make up right before slowly unsheathing his sword. Kevin comes up to the table and confirms that this is a Sword of the Cross. Sam apologizes for what he promises to be his final rousse. He identifies himself as Sanya, a Knight of the Cross. Elaine and the buses of people are on site but are in no danger. Sanya’s team come out from other areas of the factory to join the table; Diane Basset, Leslie Vastolo, and Sister Peter Ann Doran.

Sister Peter Ann apologizes for the circumstances of this meeting. She also apologizes on behalf of the Paranet for expecting Evan to be exactly as his father. Their intention is to leave town with the Lawbreakers and to never burden Evan with having to go against his duty. Henry states that Evan will no longer be residing on top of the vault. Sister Peter Ann states that as long as Evan is the protector in name, the Paranet will find other accommodations to hide their members. Evan agrees to give full control of the Vault to Henry. The Paranet accepts these terms and states they will work with Henry. Henry asks what to do about Vasiliki’s attempt of a hostile takeover of the vault. Sister Peter Ann says to have faith and that she trusts the party will prevail.

Henry and Evan take Sanya aside to give him the Denarian coin. Wanda, Evelyn and Leslie lead Dante and Kevin outside towards the buses. Halfway across the courtyard, Evelyn tumbles suddenly as a thump and a thundering boom is heard. Evelyn starts bleeding out. Elaine, at the garage entrance, yells out “Sniper!”

Distance muzzle flashes bombard the factory grounds from all angles. Henry gets Evelyn to Sister Peter Ann and Diane for treatment. Dante follows and tries to identify the attackers locations. Leanansidhe shows up to offer Dante help with Evelyn and the situation. Dante declines. Kevin tries to run but is stopped by the sun appearing and removing his powers. He hides by an overturned truck with Wanda. A rumble is heard and 2 Uber Ghouls dig themselves out of the ground near the garages and make their way towards the truck. Evan conjures a mist around the the area for cover. The party attack the ghouls but they have no luck finding the snipers as Wanda gets shot. Sanya heads into the fray and does major damage to one ghoul but gets super unlucky as he is knocked unconscious by his opponent.

Elaine and Leslie keep the buses safe as Evan creates a mist around Kevin, allowing him to take out the snipers. Evan is then near fatally shot and tumbles to the ground. Henry and Dante manage to finally kill the ghouls as Kevin kills all the snipers, sucking out the life of the last one.

Diane gets all the wounded conscious again. Sanya proclaims that the Knights of the Cross will support Henry’s claim for the vault. Elaine promises to work close with Henry to better rehabilitate the Lawbreakers. Evelyn stays as Sanya and the rest of Baltimore’s Paranet leave to deliver the people on the buses back to their homes. As Evan gets to his feet he realizes something is off. He checks his pockets. The eyes are missing! The keys to the vault are gone!

Session 10
Safehouses, Sniper Rifles, Mobile Wardrobes, and Gyrocopters

Kevin travels to the address of his newly discovered Jade Court “safehouse”. The address is of a tower complex on a small peninsula of the Fells Point/Canton area by the lake. Upon entering the complex, it is unusually busy for three in the morning. The receptionist initially dismisses Kevin until Kevin makes his identity known. The receptionist whisks Kevin up a private elevator(along with some well dressed security) to the top floor. They exit to a long hallway which ends in what looks to be a huge safe door that covers the entire wall. After hinting for Kevin to use a hand scanner to open the door, the receptionist leaves promising to have some food sent up shortly.

After Kevin views the expansive and trendy loft that is behind the safe doors, he gets a video call from his parents on his massive television screen. They tell him that the contract on him is, for whatever reason, expiring by sunrise this Sunday. It, now being early Thursday morning, Kevin can stay in the safety of this tower on one condition. He kills a mortal and becomes full Jade Court by tomorrow’s sunrise. If not, the staff are instructed to kick him out.

A knock on the vault door proceeds this conversation and Kevin allows in a woman bearing food, and ultimately herself, to eat. Kevin resists feeding on her as she reads to him all night.

In the morning, Dante is awoken by the smell of Wanda’s cooking. She serves him and Evelyn meals and sets places for Evan and Henry then heads out to take a phone call.

Henry over hears Wanda outside. Her side of the conversation tells the listener of not knowing to trust in Evan, the loss of Susan, the fire, and that she’d be somewhere as soon as she could. Evan awakes and he and Henry join Dante and Evelyn for breakfast. Wanda tells the party that she needs to do a job for a friend and that she’d be back when it’s over. She also tells them that she’ll be taking Evelyn with her. Dante protests but Henry lets them go, siding with Wanda’s thoughts that Evelyn should not be in continuous presence of Evan.
Dante leaves to meet Vasiliki.

Kevin leaves the tower via personal stretch limo (with driver) and calls Dante with his timely predicament. Dante tells him to wait for his call and that they’ll set up a plan to one-up the incoming kidnappers right after Dante is done with his meeting. Kevin has the driver keep circling the town.

Dante enters a very bland building and is immediately greeted by his grandfather. The pair head to an upper floor office and enter a sparse office with a desk, a mini bar, but most importantly, a large television screen showing Vasiliki. Dante wants armaments. Vasiliki says he has no real need for his services but will give a small token of help considering his grandfather’s loyalty. Vasiliki tells him to expect some minor work to test his skills buts requests that Dante lay low for the night as he does not want Dante mixed up with what is coming for Kevin in the near future. Dante agrees. Vasiliki ends the conversation by making a vague threat against Leland if Dante would betray him in any way.

Leland states that he’ll hold up Dante until morning. Dante says he has some errands to run but promises to be at the house afterwards. Leland is not too impressed.

Henry takes Evan to the ruins of the estate. A bus slowly drives by showing Wanda in the driver seat being shadowed by Elaine Mallory. Evan magically clears the debris, gaining access to the crypts and the entrance to the vault. At the statue in front of the vault, they find Wellington. Wellington is pretty much revealed to be a disciple of the Spring Queen and has no real obligation to follow Evan if he doesn’t take up the responsibilities of the vault. Upon exiting, they notice a note hanging on the gate door. It reads that if they want Wanda back that they’ll bring Kevin to them. A piece of Wanda’s freshly pulled out hair is attached to the note so Evan can easily find the kidnappers. The duo prepare to head out. Luckily, the reinforced garage kept safe Evan’s mobile pope-mobile which has been converted to a dressing room with much attire. Also, the garage kept safe a very speedy way that they could get to Wanda.

Kevin gets a call from Dante and they start going over plans to fix Kevin’s problems. That’s when a problem of Kevin’s barrels into his limo, crushing the driver, and leaving the vehicle upside down. Kevin tells Dante where he is right as the floor(now in the ceiling position) is being ripped away. A hulking figure sporting a slimy mass constantly slithering over his body and 3 green eyes rips a hole through the car. Kevin douses him with some Jade Court powers just before the bruiser flings Kevin from the limo and through a brick wall of an adjacent warehouse. Dante gets there just as Kevin takes flight, and shoots the bruiser with his new rifle, with little effect. Henry and Evan arrive by gyrocopter as the bruiser enters the warehouse. As the party engages the bruiser, Henry identifies the attacker as a Denarian. Evan searches and magically removes the coin from the Denarian. The slimy over coating of the bruiser disappears and what is left is a morbidly obese human. He is shot in the head by Henry but, despite the gap on the side of his skull, he still reaches for the coin. Evan uses a silver lined handkerchief to pick up the coin. As most of the party debate getting the former Denarian host to medical attention, Kevin kneels down over his body and drains the life from him. Kevin becomes a full Jade Court Vampire.


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