Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 11

Every member of the party realizes that Kevin is now different. They decide to inquire of his new status at a later time as they head in search of the kidnapped Wanda.

The party follow Evan’s spell towards the location of Wanda. They get to a water treatment plant surrounded by police tape. It looks like a war took place here. Evan remembers this place as where his father died in a battle against Damocles Ravenborn and the remaining Red Court of Baltimore. Henry focuses his will and determines that Wanda was led here by a well armed man and that there might be more to his party, both inside and outside the building. Evan stays outside as the rest head into the main building.

Dante quickly finds a vantage point on the second floor of this expansive factory as the rest continue further into the building. They find Wanda and Evelyn sitting in front of an oddly placed table in the middle of the factory floor. They are calming drinking tea across from a gentleman with tactical makeup, armed with various small knives and a large sword. He leaves his AK-47 on the table as he greets the incoming party.

He tells Henry that this meeting was a rousse in conjunction with Wanda and others to have a definitive talk with Evan. Henry brings Evan to the man who introduces himself as Sam Smith. He then requests that he speak alone with Evan, much to the dismay of Wanda. Kevin leads Wanda and Evelyn away but Henry stays with a promise to only observe.

Sam tells him that he does work for the Paranet at times. Initially about to collect the bounty on Kevin, he was convinced by Wanda that Kevin is an ally of Evan’s. Although having no ill intent towards Kevin now, Sam had found Wanda in the presence of two bus loads of people. All have been confirmed to be fugitives of the White Council, all Lawbreakers aside from one Elaine Mallory who was aiding in their escape out of town. He has the buses and Elaine on site and has the resources to deliver them to his contact on the White Council.

Wanda has stated to him that all these people are also allies of Evan’s but Sam is suspicious. He asks Evan if the people are his allies. Evan says no. Sam says that it should then be no problem that he deliver them to White Council justice. Evan says no. Sam is confused. The conclusion of this part of their conversation ends with Sam understanding that even though Evan doesn’t want to kill them, if he is tasked to do so, he would follow the White Council’s rules.

Sam is satisfied and removes his make up right before slowly unsheathing his sword. Kevin comes up to the table and confirms that this is a Sword of the Cross. Sam apologizes for what he promises to be his final rousse. He identifies himself as Sanya, a Knight of the Cross. Elaine and the buses of people are on site but are in no danger. Sanya’s team come out from other areas of the factory to join the table; Diane Basset, Leslie Vastolo, and Sister Peter Ann Doran.

Sister Peter Ann apologizes for the circumstances of this meeting. She also apologizes on behalf of the Paranet for expecting Evan to be exactly as his father. Their intention is to leave town with the Lawbreakers and to never burden Evan with having to go against his duty. Henry states that Evan will no longer be residing on top of the vault. Sister Peter Ann states that as long as Evan is the protector in name, the Paranet will find other accommodations to hide their members. Evan agrees to give full control of the Vault to Henry. The Paranet accepts these terms and states they will work with Henry. Henry asks what to do about Vasiliki’s attempt of a hostile takeover of the vault. Sister Peter Ann says to have faith and that she trusts the party will prevail.

Henry and Evan take Sanya aside to give him the Denarian coin. Wanda, Evelyn and Leslie lead Dante and Kevin outside towards the buses. Halfway across the courtyard, Evelyn tumbles suddenly as a thump and a thundering boom is heard. Evelyn starts bleeding out. Elaine, at the garage entrance, yells out “Sniper!”

Distance muzzle flashes bombard the factory grounds from all angles. Henry gets Evelyn to Sister Peter Ann and Diane for treatment. Dante follows and tries to identify the attackers locations. Leanansidhe shows up to offer Dante help with Evelyn and the situation. Dante declines. Kevin tries to run but is stopped by the sun appearing and removing his powers. He hides by an overturned truck with Wanda. A rumble is heard and 2 Uber Ghouls dig themselves out of the ground near the garages and make their way towards the truck. Evan conjures a mist around the the area for cover. The party attack the ghouls but they have no luck finding the snipers as Wanda gets shot. Sanya heads into the fray and does major damage to one ghoul but gets super unlucky as he is knocked unconscious by his opponent.

Elaine and Leslie keep the buses safe as Evan creates a mist around Kevin, allowing him to take out the snipers. Evan is then near fatally shot and tumbles to the ground. Henry and Dante manage to finally kill the ghouls as Kevin kills all the snipers, sucking out the life of the last one.

Diane gets all the wounded conscious again. Sanya proclaims that the Knights of the Cross will support Henry’s claim for the vault. Elaine promises to work close with Henry to better rehabilitate the Lawbreakers. Evelyn stays as Sanya and the rest of Baltimore’s Paranet leave to deliver the people on the buses back to their homes. As Evan gets to his feet he realizes something is off. He checks his pockets. The eyes are missing! The keys to the vault are gone!

Session 10
Safehouses, Sniper Rifles, Mobile Wardrobes, and Gyrocopters

Kevin travels to the address of his newly discovered Jade Court “safehouse”. The address is of a tower complex on a small peninsula of the Fells Point/Canton area by the lake. Upon entering the complex, it is unusually busy for three in the morning. The receptionist initially dismisses Kevin until Kevin makes his identity known. The receptionist whisks Kevin up a private elevator(along with some well dressed security) to the top floor. They exit to a long hallway which ends in what looks to be a huge safe door that covers the entire wall. After hinting for Kevin to use a hand scanner to open the door, the receptionist leaves promising to have some food sent up shortly.

After Kevin views the expansive and trendy loft that is behind the safe doors, he gets a video call from his parents on his massive television screen. They tell him that the contract on him is, for whatever reason, expiring by sunrise this Sunday. It, now being early Thursday morning, Kevin can stay in the safety of this tower on one condition. He kills a mortal and becomes full Jade Court by tomorrow’s sunrise. If not, the staff are instructed to kick him out.

A knock on the vault door proceeds this conversation and Kevin allows in a woman bearing food, and ultimately herself, to eat. Kevin resists feeding on her as she reads to him all night.

In the morning, Dante is awoken by the smell of Wanda’s cooking. She serves him and Evelyn meals and sets places for Evan and Henry then heads out to take a phone call.

Henry over hears Wanda outside. Her side of the conversation tells the listener of not knowing to trust in Evan, the loss of Susan, the fire, and that she’d be somewhere as soon as she could. Evan awakes and he and Henry join Dante and Evelyn for breakfast. Wanda tells the party that she needs to do a job for a friend and that she’d be back when it’s over. She also tells them that she’ll be taking Evelyn with her. Dante protests but Henry lets them go, siding with Wanda’s thoughts that Evelyn should not be in continuous presence of Evan.
Dante leaves to meet Vasiliki.

Kevin leaves the tower via personal stretch limo (with driver) and calls Dante with his timely predicament. Dante tells him to wait for his call and that they’ll set up a plan to one-up the incoming kidnappers right after Dante is done with his meeting. Kevin has the driver keep circling the town.

Dante enters a very bland building and is immediately greeted by his grandfather. The pair head to an upper floor office and enter a sparse office with a desk, a mini bar, but most importantly, a large television screen showing Vasiliki. Dante wants armaments. Vasiliki says he has no real need for his services but will give a small token of help considering his grandfather’s loyalty. Vasiliki tells him to expect some minor work to test his skills buts requests that Dante lay low for the night as he does not want Dante mixed up with what is coming for Kevin in the near future. Dante agrees. Vasiliki ends the conversation by making a vague threat against Leland if Dante would betray him in any way.

Leland states that he’ll hold up Dante until morning. Dante says he has some errands to run but promises to be at the house afterwards. Leland is not too impressed.

Henry takes Evan to the ruins of the estate. A bus slowly drives by showing Wanda in the driver seat being shadowed by Elaine Mallory. Evan magically clears the debris, gaining access to the crypts and the entrance to the vault. At the statue in front of the vault, they find Wellington. Wellington is pretty much revealed to be a disciple of the Spring Queen and has no real obligation to follow Evan if he doesn’t take up the responsibilities of the vault. Upon exiting, they notice a note hanging on the gate door. It reads that if they want Wanda back that they’ll bring Kevin to them. A piece of Wanda’s freshly pulled out hair is attached to the note so Evan can easily find the kidnappers. The duo prepare to head out. Luckily, the reinforced garage kept safe Evan’s mobile pope-mobile which has been converted to a dressing room with much attire. Also, the garage kept safe a very speedy way that they could get to Wanda.

Kevin gets a call from Dante and they start going over plans to fix Kevin’s problems. That’s when a problem of Kevin’s barrels into his limo, crushing the driver, and leaving the vehicle upside down. Kevin tells Dante where he is right as the floor(now in the ceiling position) is being ripped away. A hulking figure sporting a slimy mass constantly slithering over his body and 3 green eyes rips a hole through the car. Kevin douses him with some Jade Court powers just before the bruiser flings Kevin from the limo and through a brick wall of an adjacent warehouse. Dante gets there just as Kevin takes flight, and shoots the bruiser with his new rifle, with little effect. Henry and Evan arrive by gyrocopter as the bruiser enters the warehouse. As the party engages the bruiser, Henry identifies the attacker as a Denarian. Evan searches and magically removes the coin from the Denarian. The slimy over coating of the bruiser disappears and what is left is a morbidly obese human. He is shot in the head by Henry but, despite the gap on the side of his skull, he still reaches for the coin. Evan uses a silver lined handkerchief to pick up the coin. As most of the party debate getting the former Denarian host to medical attention, Kevin kneels down over his body and drains the life from him. Kevin becomes a full Jade Court Vampire.

Session 9
An Execution

Evan and the Wardens are in the dining room with a sword being unsheathed. Susan is on the floor with a bag over her head. The smell of gasoline seeps in. Evan opens the dining room’s doors and a gas can comes flying past his head. Evelyn stands a few feet from the door ready, with her candelabra, to alight the floor which she claims has gasoline throughout the estate. Evan calming walks back to the thrown gas can, holds the remaining liquid and can over Susan’s head. He says that he will make sure Susan burns if she drops that candelabra. Evelyn says that if Susan dies, she’ll make sure everyone burns. They stare at each other in stalemate.

Dante and Wanda arrive back from their meeting with Old Lady Crowley. The doors to the estate are locked and no one is answering the door. Dante walks to the front window and sees Evelyn facing into the dining room. He also sees Evan in the dining room with Ramirez holding a sword over a figure on the dining room floor. Dante shoots an arrow and narrowly misses Ramirez. Warden Dino magically encases the windows and doors with vines. Evelyn gets distracted by this and Evan uses this moment to channel some wind to blow out her candelabra. Evelyn curses him and runs into the kitchen. Dante devises a plan to create an explosive to break open the door. With the Wardens distracted, Evan decides to magically tip over a candelabra, causing a fire to spread. The Wardens and Evan take Susan and rush out the back door, leaving a growing fire and vines to deter Dante. Dante, seeing that making an explosive is taking too long, summons the strength of the Spring Knight and brute forces the front door, the magic vines, and the threshold of Evan’s ward. He collects Evelyn and uses the finally made explosive to make a path to the back door. Wanda does the sensible thing and calls the fire department.

Back at the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Ms. Gard tells Henry and Kevin that the meeting may continue after the dramatic entrance of Harry Dresden and Molly Carpenter, representing the Knights of the Cross.

Henry puts forward a motion to become a sentry of the vault, keeping in line whomever would take over in Old Man Montrose’s place. This would make sure that the ideals of the vault would be kept in line. Henry also makes a plea for Evan to become the owner of the vault and that the investors not make snap decisions based on rumours that Evan is unfit.

The present Vasiliki Lagios offers his services in the general running of the vault, while he hints of Evan’s zealousness for the White Council that might disrupt the workings of the vault. He also questions the power and security Henry can bring, a person who is not part of any faction of The Unseelie Accords and is a practical no one. Vasiliki ensures the White Court would do much better in protecting the investors interest.

Mr. Vadderung gives Evan consideration after the mention of Evan’s rocky relationship with his father that made passing the vault more troublesome. The Summer Lady takes notes of all arguments but is keen to the idea of having a sentry watching out for the vault owner. The Winter Lady cares not for any of Winter’s dealings with this vault and says she’d prefer to have her “investments” let go and not have a need for the vault. Mr. Ferro shows little of his hand but it’s clear he wants the vault running exactly the way it is, no matter who’s running it. Dresden sides wholeheartedly with Henry since he won’t trust any White Court who doesn’t send him strip-o-grams.

Henry says that these revelations must be a lot to take in for all the investors. He offers to reconvene at the White Court Ball in three days time. He’d rather them make a considered decision rather than invite them all to the ball under false pretenses and spring this information while calling for a snap decision without the other parties present. Vasiliki turns to Henry with restrained ire behind his eyes. The investors agree and depart. Henry and Kevin hurry back to the estate.

Evan has led the Wardens to a massive treehouse in the woods among his estate. The Wardens take Susan to it’s top level and prepare to continue the trial. Dante loses time trying to find Evan’s trail until Evelyn makes a torch to light his way. Ramirez gives Evan his sword and says that Evan must do the execution. With Evan’s father dead and there being no regional commander, Warden Morgan decreed that Evan had shown the loyalty and dedication needed to be granted such an honor. Also, Evan’s father kept close track of Evan’s progress, passing all reports to the White Council. Being impressed with Evan’s gifts, they granted Old Man Montrose to keep Evan away from the initial wizard draft. Morgan has now overturned that ruling, Ramirez says, as he hands Evan a grey cloak of the Wardens.

Evan is hesitant about taking the cloak and joining the Wardens. Ramirez says this isn’t really up for debate. Evan either joins the Wardens or risks being ousted from the White Council, possibly even more consequences. Ramirez says that he’ll cover for Evan until after the Wardens come back to town after joining some major battle with the Red Court that they need to get too soon. As for now, Evan must do the execution.

Henry and Kevin get back to the estate which is now fully engulfed in flames. Wanda tells them what went down. Henry and Kevin head into the forest behind the estate and easily pick up Dante’s trail. Dante and Evelyn find the treehouse. They enter cautiously and break down the barriers set up by the forward-thinking and totally trustworthy Warden Dino. They enter the top floor to find Evan, alone, with a headless body. Dante punches a hole through the wall. The view through it shows the estate burning steadily. He vows to make the killers pay. Evan defeatedly states that he did it. Henry and Kevin make it to the scene. Upon hearing the news from Evan’s mouth, Henry knocks Evan out. Evelyn wants to be left alone. Kevin takes the body(and head) down and Dante buries it. Henry brings the unconscious Evan to the pool house. Evelyn jumps through the hole of the treehouse to take an easy way out but Dante catches her in the nick of time. Evelyn cries.

As the fire department get the inferno at the estate under control, Henry lays Evan in the one bedroom of the pool house and stands as sentry. Kevin leaves to get his head away from the chaos. Dante sees a rolled down window of a limo viewing the now collapsing estate. His grandfather is inside. Dante calls his grandfather and is promptly put on the phone with Vasiliki Lagios. Vasiliki asks his relationship with the group, especially Kevin. Dante feigns between indifference to hatred. Vasiliki is pleased since he warns that Kevin does not have his “protection” anymore. Kevin might not even last the next couple of days. Dante sets up a meeting to see Vasiliki in the morning.

Session 8 and a half
A New Knight

GM’s Note: This information is available to all members of the party. Even though the person playing Dante was the only person there, he has a bad memory. Therefore, I would allow anyone to have gained the following information from Dante in between scenes.

Dante and Wanda leave the estate and travel to the Graves Manor. Using his powers mimicking those of Henry, Dante is able to see and talk to Old Lady Crowley.

She tells Dante she sheltered his mother because Dante’s mother was a very important person who belonged to the same faith. Old Lady Crowley tells Dante of her journey to the Americas. Along with the more orthodox of her clan, they embarked on a journey to reinstate their god into its rightful place of power. After discovering the right temple and holding off a last minute contingent of both Winter and Summer forces, not only did they bring back their god back into existence, they deceived the attacking forces to believe that the ritual had failed.

With only a few members of her clan able to escape with their reborn god, they were in dire straights. Their god was severely under powered, for god standards, after the rebirth and they didn’t have the power or numbers to keep her safe. Crowley then devised a plan.

Using the facilities of an ally, a young Montrose, who had inherited a “sanctuary” of sorts to hide important items and rehabilitate members of the supernatural community, she came up with a plan to both keep her god safe and gather her god’s allies. Pushing an agenda Montrose had put forward to utilize the sanctuary as a P.O.W. camp for the unending Summer/Winter war, she would find the P.O.W.‘s whom once were loyal to her god but sore fealty to either Summer or Winter when her god and their kingdom fell. After informing them of their former ruler’s return, she would have them lie in wait to when enough allies were gathered, and they would make a move to solidify themselves back as a nation.

Because long ago, the Fae had not 2 courts but 4. The two most aggressive of courts schemed to destroy the other two, rather than fight a war on three sides. That is when both the Summer and Winter Fae allied for the only time and felled both the Spring and Autumn courts. But power like those of the Queens cannot really be destroyed but merely forgotten. And even after erasing most of Spring and Autumn from the history books, a tribe in their most desperate hour, many generations after, found Spring and worshiped her. The followers, now called the Followers of Eternia, had much infighting and the Crowley clan decided to come to the new world and risk it all to revive the Spring Queen.

Crowley had aided Montresor, Montrose’s father, when the Sanctuary had first been built against its co-creator Fortunato. Fortunato was swayed by dark magics to take control of the vaults items and enslave it’s people. Crowley and allies were able to save the Sanctuary but leaving both Montresor and Fortunato mortally wounded. Later, Crowley would ask Montrose for his aid in her plan, calling in her favour for aiding in defending the Sanctuary many years ago. Montrose agreed, but only if the P.O.W.’s made their own decision to rejoin Spring and not have to be magically bound to serve Spring again.

The Sanctuary then became more powerful, not only using the ley line to mask outside scrying searches for items and people, but also used Spring magic to both veil and set aside certain memories of the inhabitants, making it virtually impossible for someone to detect an individuals true nature even if they were in the same room.
This removal of memories was always done by the Spring Queen. Montrose would take the Spring Queen from hiding and allow her to do the ritual, both to recruit certain fey and to make sure Montrose would never be in a position to be close to breaking a Law of Magic.

Crowley explains the details of his powers, those which were once granted to her, the power of the Spring Knight. Dante asks why Crowley didn’t pass on the Spring Knight powers to one of her children, as per tradition. She tells him that she would have but she and her daughter died too soon. Now, being Old Lady Crowley, she, Montrose, and many other powerful individuals around Baltimore had to defend the Sanctuary once again but this time against Fortunato’s bastard son, Alistair.
Alistair left Europe and his wretched step father in hopes of a better life with his biological father. Upon arriving to Baltimore, only hearsay remained of what became of his father. Crowley took him into her household. Over years of living together Alistair became infatuated with Crowley’s daughter but his advances were always brushed off. Alistair’s limit came years later on the wedding day of Crowley’s daughter. It is reported that the source of the dark magic that turned his father found Alistair and twisted the truth about his father’s death. With new powers and a new grudge, Alistair kidnapped Crowley’s daughter, killed her husband, and went off to gather forces to attack and take over the Sanctuary once and for all.
It was many decades later when Crowley and Montrose were able to find Alistair. Alistair had made camp just outside of town and it seemed mere hours before the Sanctuary would be taken by force. Knowing the implications of such fallout if Alistair would succeed, Montrose and Crowley gathered allies from both investors of the vault( Summer and Winter, Knights of the Cross, and even a few honest-to-Odin Valkyries) and from interested players in the area which might be greatly affected by Alistair’s rise to power( minor practitioner’s, people of faith, rumored vampires of the Jade Court). Montrose was lucky enough to be able to get his one ally from the White Coucil’s governing body. Crowley’s biggest move was to convince the local White Court and a “young” Vasiliki Lagios of the dangers Alistair presented and convinced the Court to protect their territory. Thus, The Infamous Battle for Baltimore began.

Even with Montrose and Crowley’s allies, Alistair just had the numbers and years of planning. The turning point is when Crowley had to battle her own daughter. After mortally wounding her, Crowley discovered that Alistair never broke her and that Alistair was using immense mind control on her daughter. Not only his daughter, many of his forces as well. Crowley, having some magical talent of her own, decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and released her Death Curse upon Alistair. Alistair died and the source of his powers fell. Many of his forces either stopped in their tracks and some others even gained enough control to fight Alistair’s true loyalists back. The day was won.

Montrose’s ally from the White Council, Injun Joe, made a shocking discovery in the aftermath of the battle. Old Lady Crowley’s daughter was with child. Joe literally craved the baby out of the womb and used his magics to sustain it. He delivered the baby to it’s grandfather. Montrose took the source of Alistair’s power and hid it in the vault. Crowley’s belief manifested as a spirit to guide her remaining clan and to raise her grandson, Henry. Crowley’s spirit had Montrose destroy all records of her daughters life as the pawn of Alistair, but what remained were whispers of a woman who abandoned a child to run away with her lover.

The Spring Queen granted the mantle of Spring Knight to Dante’s mother. Crowley’s ghost sheltered Dante’s mother as much as she could but could not use the Sanctuary veiling powers since the Spring Knight had to be able to defend itself. But even through all of Crowley’s sheltering, love found a way in. Dante’s father came into the picture, had Dante, and all was well. Until reports of certain Fae, asking about Dante’s mother, showed up to town. The Storm family was warned that someone from the Winter court had showed up to town and were inquiring about Dante’s mother. The family left on a plane as soon as possible, but the plane crashed.

That is all Old Lady Crowley knows. She tells Dante to keep the Spring Queen safe during these troubled times. She tells him to keep Evelyn Masters safe.

Session 8
Meetings and Trials

Henry, after leaving the confrontation with Warden Morgan, arrives at the Montrose Estate to find Wanda coming in by cab. She is let into the house by Wellington who stops Henry and asks if he is siding with Evan in this conflict with Susan. Henry says he’s on no side and asks for more info on the situation. Wellington finds a compromise of moving away from the door but not officially inviting Henry in.

Henry wants to meet the people whom are invested in Old Man Montrose’s venture and Wellington defers him to talk to Monoc Securities to try and set up any type of meeting. Just as Wellington passes the eyes to Henry which open the vault below the Montrose Estate, Henry feels a presence in the room. He turns and fires at it. An entropy shield forms in front of a person that was veiled there the entire time. Wellington yells for Henry to stop, as the formerly veiled figure is here to protect her interest in the vault. Putting away her wand, Elaine Mallory explains to Henry that she has nearly 100 people hiding under Old Man Montrose’s venture who seek sanctuary from the White Council. Much like Susan, these people were helped by Elaine and the Paranet to stay alive.

Henry and Elaine put the eyes into the statue underneath the estate and the entrance opens to the vault. The vault has rows of items on selves with a select special few along the furthest wall. While Elaine starts removing files from a cabinet, Henry uses his powers to see a past of how the vault works and many of its occupants, all of whom have their memories stored in their item of power in the vault.

Elaine and Henry leave the vault. As Elaine begins a journey to start kidnapping fugitives of the White Council before Evan can rat them out, Henry makes a call to Ms. Gard at Monoc Securities. Henry tells Ms. Gard to set up a meeting with the share holders of the vault. Henry wants to block or, at very least, present alternatives to Vasiliki Lagios’ claim to run the vault. Ms. Gard says interrupting their schedules at such short notice might be impossible but she’ll try.
After hanging up, Henry calls the only contact number he has on any of the investors; The Knights of the Cross. After a long grilling by an unsympathetic and difficult secretary, the six-year old on the other end of the phone passes it to his dad.
The man on the other end says that he is retired but knows of the Knights stake in Montrose’s venture. He says he will send an appropriate representative.

Evan, Kevin, and Susan arrive back into Baltimore. Susan, upon re-entering, memories get blurry and has forgotten all of her life before Baltimore, again. Evan convinces a naive Kevin that Susan will get a fair trial and leads them back to his estate.

Henry tells Evan of the meeting that he has called. Ms Gard had called and said that the Knights’ representative had somehow convinced the other investors to arrive to Baltimore tonight. As Henry shows Evan the vault, Dante and Evelyn show up. Evelyn is relieved that Susan is there and starts to make a hastily retreat when Kevin says that Evan is down stairs. Evelyn goes to confront Evan with fireballs. Evan begins to retort by drawing his pistol. Henry stops them both. At this moment, Dante leaves with Wanda with the only working car and heads to go see Old Lady Crowley.

As they prepare to leave for the meeting, Warden Carlos Ramirez and two other Wardens knock on Evan’s door. Susan and Evelyn hide upstairs with Kevin. The Wardens ask Henry to leave and, with the meeting near starting, he does. The Wardens search the the house as Evelyn stalls them for time and Kevin helps Susan make it down to the grounds out of the window. The Wardens catch sight of them as they try to escape. Pinning Susan down with magic and keeping Kevin easily at bay, Evan magically flings Kevin far off the property. The Wardens and Evan take Susan into the house. Kevin goes to find Henry.

Henry arrives at the Francis Scott Key Bridge and meets with Ellsworth Dillman who has blocked off the bridge for the meeting. Henry arrives just in time for Ms. Gard to introduce the other arriving guests; The Summer Lady and Summer Knight, The Winter Lady, Mr. Ferro, Mr. Vadderung. The representative for the Knights is late but Ms. Gard starts as Kevin arrives to tell Henry of the happenings back at the estate. Henry commits to the meeting and Kevin sits down. After Ms. Gard gives the floor to Henry, a man starts walking from the other side of the bridge. It is Vasiliki Lagios and he convinces the members attending, aside from Henry and Kevin, that his input and second view point of the future of the vault is worth him attending.

Henry tries to begin again when a not-so-blue Volkswagen Beetle crashes through the barricade and anticlimactically dies feet from the meeting table. Out comes a woman bearing a sheathed Sword of the Cross. Out of the driver side, a man exits the car and smiles before addressing most of the table whom, for better or for worst, already know him.

Session 7

Morgan gags and binds Susan’s hands with vines. He yells at Kevin to not make this trip out of here more difficult.

A yellow brick road is followed through almost endless poppy fields. Evan holds Susan’s leash. A top of a hill looks down to a lake bordered by mountains. They must cross.

The sole boathouse is boatless, aside from the saddled and sleeping Narwals. Presences are felt as they rush to the boathouse. A platoon of Red Court yells for Morgan’s blood. Damocles Ravenborn is with them but neither party really cares. Morgan explains to Evan to veil an image of Morgan onto a narwal. Evan and the rest will be used as bait. Kevin fingers the narwals blowholes, it was the only way.
The party lures most of the Reds to the middle of the lake. Morgan is about to move mountains. A rumble is heard. Mountains closing in. Kevin and Susan flee to the other end of the lake. The smarter Reds understand and close in on the boathouse. Evan rides back and saves Morgan with only inches of a claw. Mountains clap. A tidal wave shoots in two directions, splitting an already split party.

Kevin and Susan wake. They travel the yellow brick. Susan remembers her past life, while in the Nevernever. Her boyfriend went splat. She didn’t mean it. He was an asshole, but she didn’t mean for him to go splat. Now she hides from the executioner’s axe held by the Wardens. Kevin says there must be hope, showing his ignorance, but gleaming hope.

Evan and Morgan are washed to the forests. Morgan is wounded and entrusts Evan to find the fugitive Susan. Morgan gives instructions for Evan to request reinforcements when back in Baltimore.

Evan talks to a velociraptor and rides his brother Frank to catch up with Kevin and Susan. Evan reaches over and redacted Frank’s redacted for some reason.

With a fork in the road, Kevin and Susan decide on a spooky forest rather then always-on-fire valley. Reds have survived, led by Damocles, and are coming for them.

Evan and Frank find more Red’s from their side led by the almost Morgan killer. Frank removes many limbs and heads but doesn’t swallow. He is vegan after all.

Kevin and Susan find the center of the spooky forest. A tea party is being held. The stuffed bear wearing a top hat and smoking a hookah greets them. Kevin asks for help back to Baltimore. Bear says this is easy but tea must be served first. Kevin offers to helps but only a servant is allowed to do so. Bear looks to rabbit. The rabbit doesn’t move, since it’s a stuffed rabbit.

Kevin gets to the spooky forest but the brush is too dense for Kevin. They part ways. Evan finds the tea party just after Damocles does. Kevin and Damocles have a grade school insult match. It devolves into an Eat-off. Bear is please and uses magic to lock their arms together cross-like. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” starts playing all around them.

Damocles licks Kevin. Kevin ravishes Damocles’ mind. Damocles loses and becomes permanently emo. Both Evan and an arriving Red try to interfere but Bear teleports everyone to the dining table.

The Stewardess shows up to serve everyone tea to get on with it!

Damocles has eye shadow on.

The remaining Red swears to leave Baltimore and never come back as long as he is taken out of there.

Once tea is served, Bear opens his teeny portal and everyone has to shrink or something to squeeze through it.

Damocles has matted hair over his eyes. He doesn’t want to go anywhere. So he stays.

The party enters the portal to a starry night.

Session 6

The party awakens at the Montrose Estate to sounds resembling mortar fire. The party discovers Evelyn practicing her newly discovered pyromancy in the back lawn hitting various objects thrown at a distance by Wellington. Kevin goes in to search for some semblance of a computer while the rest join Evelyn for breakfast. As most of the party start imparting advice to Evelyn, that mostly fall on deaf ears, Kevin makes a discovery in Evelyn’s personal belongings. Kevin and the freshly awoken Susan confront Evelyn about this inhaler which is containing the drug “True Sight”; the very gas that was the catalyst for many of the party’s powers. She claims it helps her focus her pyromancy and that it’s none of their business. She leaves with Susan in a huff.

Shortly thereafter, Sister Peter Ann shows up to have a word with Evan. Apparently she is part of the Ordo Lebes and has worked with the Paranet to provide sanctuary to various people hiding from execution from of White Council. The endevour that Evan has inherited from his father used a ritual in conjunction with Baltimore’s Ley line to mask the Black Magic taint on these fugitives so they could go undetected. Evan tells Sister Peter Ann that he doesn’t care. If a person broke a rule of magic, no matter in what defense or circumstances of the situation they were in, that person should die. What his father did was hide fugitives and he is resolved to tear down his father’s work at the soonest possible venture.
Sister Peter Ann tells Evan that a Warden is believed to be coming to town and that she was going to ask Evan if he could shoo him away. But it is apparent that Evan is steadfast in his opinion.

Upon Sister Peter Ann’s departure, Evan contacts the White Council. With much interference, Evan at least gets the location of when and where the Warden will arrive that day. He, Dante, and Wanda go to meet the arriving Warden.
Kevin gets a call from Susan. Susan says that Evelyn has disappeared and that Susan fears that she might have went in search for more True Sight. Kevin and Henry travel to Susan’s. Upon learning that Evelyn has an old friend who is a drug dealer, Henry calls the estate to tell Wellington to tell the others where they can meet them.

Evan and his party arrive at Penn Station to find that the White Council sent Warden Morgan to town. He shows Evan’s party a picture of Kevin, Susan, and Evelyn entering the aquarium just the night before. Morgan asks where he can find the female in this picture. Evan tells Morgan that they can get that information back at his estate. When they arrive, Wellington opens the doors and locks eyes with Morgan. Forced by the contract to serve the Montrose Estate, Wellington tells Evan’s party where they can find Evelyn and the rest. Dante is perturbed by this altercation and inquires why Wellington is so hesitant. Dante learns that a person who breaks a Law of Magic is usually killed with a trial that is only a formality that precedes the execution. He is about to leave on his on motorbike when he tells Wanda of Evan and Morgan’s intentions. Wanda gives him assurance that Dante is going to have a good head start and that she might take a while to drive today. Dante leaves and Wanda starts driving Evan and Morgan using the scenic route.

Kevin, Henry and Susan are dropped off at the beginning of the “East Green”. These slums are surrounded by riots caused by the usual mortal oppression of minorities. They travel to find Evelyn in a diner with a man who is seen handing her a paper bag. They enter the diner and confront Evelyn and her friend "Lizard”. After not-so-friendly small talk, Henry slams Lizard’s head into the table. A man from Lizard’s crew comes from the washroom and points a gun at Henry but Kevin slows him down with his vampire powers. Henry gets the information on where True Sight is made and the party leaves with Evelyn, gaining the ire of Lizard.

Henry and party trek back to where they got dropped off to find Dante heeding warnings of Evan and his new guest. Before a plan is executed to run, Evan shows up, with Morgan driving the car, after telling Wanda to exit the vehicle due to her use of the scenic route. Morgan proclaims that he is here to take one Susan Mallenbaum with him. Morgan easily brushes off Evelyn’s fireballs and knocks out Susan. Dante tries to get some momentum against Morgan and yells for Evan to help. Evan apologizes and delays Dante with magic. Henry, seeing the futility of fighting Morgan and his zealousness, leaves. Deciding to make a quick exit than cause massive amounts of collateral damage, Morgan tells Evan to open a way to the Nevernever. Evan does and he, Morgan and an unconscious Susan go through. The way closes, but Kevin speeds in just as it does. The sun is shining wherever he is but Kevin isn’t sparkling. Evan says to stay close to him.

Session 5
Circling Sharks

With the revelation that Evan’s father’s eyes are in a shark tank, Henry contacts Evelyn to gain access to the aquarium after hours. Wanda drives the party to meet Evelyn who has brought Susan in tow. All but Wanda head in the aquarium and get to the shark tank. Susan explains to Kevin that she is worried about Evelyn’s new powers and her new personality as well. Evan, bringing his own swimming attire and potions to breathe underwater and put the sharks to sleep, dives in and locates the box. As Evan gets out, the party is assaulted by masked figures toting guns demanding for the box. In addition, White Court Vampires start to inflict despair over the entire party. The party triumphs with only a busted shark tank of collateral in their wake. Evelyn and Susan ask to stay with the group as they head back to the estate.

Evan unlocks the box and looks into one of the eyes which seems to be some sort of glass. Upon looking, a spell triggers and all occupants of the house are brought to some sort of mindscape. This area of rushing clouds becomes a white room with the occupant being the party and Old Man Montrose. Evan’s father dismisses Wellington, Evelyn and Susan from the mindscape and starts to reveal the truth of his venture.
Set up years ago by Montrose’s father, Montresor, and friend Fortunato, they used the power of the ley line to create a sanctuary for supernatural people who needed to go in hiding and a place to rehabilitate others. Eventually, the sanctuary started being used by the supernatural community to hid many things. One use was by the Fae courts to use as a PoW camp. The sanctuary abilities are:

-allows rituals to be made that takes a willing person’s memories out and replaces them with new ones
-old memories are kept in the vault under the Montrose estate
-sustain’s a human guise on the individual

Evan blindly believes that his father is a Lawbreaker. Henry sees the many flaws of such a place. Individually, Old Man Montrose talks with the members of the party. He confirms to Henry that his grandmother was part of the Believers of Eternia and that they, did in fact, manifest their god back into existence. That god, still being weak and having enemies present that vanquished it before, was put into the Sanctuary to gain power until it was the correct time.
Old Man Montrose tells Dante that Henry’s grandmother kept his mother’s powers a secret. The plane crash that killed Dante’s parents was either politician maneuvering against his father or some type of assassination to kill his mother for whatever power she held.
Kevin is told that his powers are not absolute and that he may shed them if wanted. The only condition is that he has to go against his nature and become selfless, make bonds, and use courage to defend others. The tipping point would be if Kevin would ever kill using is Jade Court powers. If that would happen, Kevin would become full Jade Court and there would be no turning back.
Finally, Evan is told that Damocles Ravenborn made his father use his Death Curse. That curse wiped a few weeks of memories of everyone in the area. This was needed since Old Man Montrose already gave the secret to the vault to Damocles on threat that he would kill Susan, who happened to be Damocles hostage at the time. Killing the Red Court vampire would have been simpler, but such organization in his final battle tipped Old Man Montrose off that someone was ordering Damocles around, and possibly evening watching them battle. He had to effect that person as well.
Evan is told the eye is the key to the vault and that only he can decide that fate of all those people in hiding and residing in Baltimore.

Session 4

The party attend the funeral of Evan’s father, Old Man Montrose. As the procession takes place Henry is confronted by a wandering spirit looking for her sister. He makes a note to look into it. Kevin arrives in time to see Anya leave the funeral and enter a limo with an imposing figure. Wanda introduces Evan to Sister Peter Ann Doran, Reverend Isaiah Smith, Imam Jamil al-Islam and Rabbi Benjamin Greenstone. They were his father’s allies as well. Dante shows up expecting to find a building housing Lea buts finds a graveyard and Lea off to the side at a funeral, which just happens to be for Evan’s father. She congratulates him on surviving the night. She explains that to fully understand his history he must stay close to Evan and his companions since their connections will be of much help. She also gives Dante a boon of her power; something to make his transformations much more focused. She warns that this power that she gives him comes at a price.
As the procession leaves, a robed figure suddenly appears in front of the the holy men and woman. Sister Peter Ann seems seems unfazed and asks the robed one, which she refers to as “Rashid” that the second procession may begin. Rashid travels past the party and is quickly joined by Lea. They each open a portal, one showing a land of green and warmth, the other showing snow and bitter ice. Creatures of Fae, both Summer and Winter, enter the graveyard. Aside from the usual fair one would except, Valkyries, Kringle, and even both Ladys of Fae come through the portals.
After the second procession takes place and the guests leave, Henry notices a large amount of gravediggers working at once. They are identified as ghouls. They make a demand for Old Man Montrose’s body. The party decide not to give the ghouls dead wizard flesh to munch on and attack. After bullets, fists, and spells fly, not to mention a little bit of faith, the ghouls are mostly dispatched with only one running for the hills. After Wanda made an entrance going through the graveyard to run over a ghoul, the party had to take the hearse back to the Estate. Evan decided to take the body back to his mansion where he was convinced the family must have some crypts somewhere. Upon loading the body, it was revealed that Evan’s father’s eyes were missing.

Wellington informs Evan that he has a guest waiting when they get back. The party splits as Evan has words with the Valkyrie who attended his father’s funeral. Dressed now in a power suit she introduces herself as Ms. Gard. She works for Monoc Securities and supported a venture with Evan’s father. The details of the venture are shrouded in secrecy but what are known are the investors of said venture are being all courted by Vasiliki Lagios, the White Court Patriarch of this city. Ms. Gard recommends that Evan attend the event, inquire with the investors about their stake and find out what Vasiliki wants to do with the venture.
Henry goes to the Dupin Society. Paul Mackey shows him to the archive of knowledge beneath the Edgar Allen Poe museum. Henry learns that his family comes from a clan who was given power hundreds of years ago to defend themselves and to use said power to bring about change. The last tome Henry reads claims that the most orthodox members of the clan came to the new world(America) to reinstate their god’s power into this realm of existence. A drawing of these pilgrims shows one with striking resemblance to Henry’s grandmother, Old Lady Crowley. Upon leaving, Henry inquires why the Dupin Society doesn’t do anything to help people with all their knowledge. Mackey claims that such ventures have happened before with his predecessors and that the society were nearly wiped out each time. He will not let that happen again and keeps the Society neutral as vigilante watchers of the supernatural community of Baltimore. Henry tells them the blanket they pull over themselves will not keep them safe from the storm around them. Before Henry leaves, Juan Vastolo tells Henry that he overheard the conversation with Mackey and that there are members of the Dupin Society which shares Henry’s views and would like to be more active in supporting the supernatural community from being swallowed up by the dangers present in their world.

Evan travels to Neutral Grounds, a coffee shop across from John Hopkins Hostipal, and talks to Dr. Allison Ralston to inquire about his father’s missing eyes. Dr. Ralston tells Evan that, she too, was an ally of his fathers and that she received instructions from him, post-mortem, to take his eyes out and hide them. Also, to do her best to forget where she put them. Dr. Ralston interpreted that as to take the eyes, put them in a waterproof bag, put the bag in the weighted box that came with the post-mortem instructions, get wicked drunk, and throw the box into the shark tank at the aquarium. Evan asks the proprietor of the shop, Diane Basset, for some supplies and goes home to prepare for a dive.

Kevin leaves the estate to find someplace away from all these events. With a contract on his head, Kevin eventually finds a motel where he can stay under a false name. The events catch up to him as the imposing figure he saw Anya leaving with is now sitting in an armchair of his room when he wakes up. The man identifies himself as Vasiliki Lagios. He knows about the contract and offers help. Vasiliki offers to house and protect Kevin, even make it possible for Kevin to lead a normal life again. The only thing Vasiliki requires is for Kevin to be his mole and to spy on Evan. Kevin says he’ll think about it and Vasiliki asks him to come to an event he is holding over the weekend. Vasiliki will want a final answer then. Vasiliki leaves as Dante shows up. They both depart back to Evan’s estate. Dante tells Kevin that he has a plan to identify why both of them are going through changes and to find a way to suppress it and, possibly, even a way to trigger it, making such a discovery available to the public.

As the party reconvene at the Montrose estate, Evan tells them that he needs to go swim with some sharks to find his father’s missing eyes.

Session 3
The First Sunrise

Henry Graves goes to the hospital to follow up on the tests to find out why his burns were getting better.
Kevin MacKintrye leaves the hospital and begins to sparkle. Evan Montrose finally gets to the hospital to offer help with Kevin’s changes before Kevin leaves. One of the kidnapped victims of Penn Station and Fort Carroll, Anya wakes in a fugue state, runs into Henry and has words with Andy but not before easily taking out an officer guarding Andy’s door. Anya has amnesia but remembers that Andy is the world to him. Andy explains to Henry that the duo are travelling thieves. The police have already identified Andy and, with his injuries as being one of the victims left behind at Penn Station, he’s in no state to make a run for it. He pleads with Henry to keep Anya safe since he saw Henry’s heroics hours before. Henry and Anya run into Evan and they all go back to the Montrose Estate.

Kevin gets home to a doorless apartment and receives a call from his parents. Apparently they’ve been Jade Court Vampires all this time and were very excited to hear if Kevin made his first kill. Kevin hangs up and still wishes this was a dream.

Wellington informs Evan and his guests that they should get some rest and that Evan’s father’s funeral is in the evening. They agree and head out in the evening. Kevin gets a call from his parents who say that they’ve heard disturbing rumors. A contract to find Kevin has been put out in the supernatural community describing Kevin to the last detail. Kevin travels to Evan’s place via scooter and sees the party leaving, being driven by Wanda. Kevin follows.


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