Sister Peter Ann Doran

Nun in the Know


Sister Ann has done many things in her career, but her education is in psychology. She spent many years at Johns Hopkins, working as a chaplain and counselor, ministering to terminally ill patients and their families. Her most important assignment, however, was in prison ministry; it was in ministering to the imprisoned that she met Imam Jamil al-Islam and Reverend Isaiah Smith. Their shared experience working in the Baltimore jails and Maryland prison system convinced the three of them that the supernatural world not only existed but posed a significant danger to mortal humans. And they knew they could do something about it, with God’s help. Rabbi Benjamin Greenstone, also performing prison ministry, joined their group just after Sister Ann’s retirement.

She is a contact of the expanded Ordo Lebes in Baltimore and a member of the Paranet.

Was present and aided Old Man Montrose during the Battle for Baltimore.

Sister Peter Ann Doran

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