Molly Carpenter


Molly is tall and blond and built like a brick house. She might look like a model if it weren’t for her less traditional adornments – multiple piercings, including a nose ring, an eyebrow ring, a lip ring, a tongue ring, and barbells through her nipples, along with a few tattoos – a snake slithering from her neck down her side, a tribal design on her neckline, stylized spiral on the back of her right hand and arm, and a phoenix on her left bicep. Her hair changes with some frequency thanks to dye, but it is most commonly streaked multiple colors.


Molly is a wizard, and though she’s still only learning, she can perform basic magic. And there are some things she’s better at than others – like veils. She also has a talent for mind manipulation but she doesn’t do that anymore on account of not wanting to be beheaded. She’s also a “sensitive”, which means she can work sensitive magic – but also that she’s very sensitive to magic being used around her, which can make her useless in a fight sometimes.

Molly Carpenter

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