Henry Graves

A Lineage of Eternia


Henry grew up raised by his grand parents. He never knew his parents, and he never cared to ask. Growing up, he was taught discipline and how to fight by his grand father, Frank Graves, a three star General in the Military.

From his grand mother, he was taught compassion, wisdom and how to cook along with basic social skills for outside the military. Since childhood, Henry has seen the world through a different view-point. He saw monsters where there were people, faeries where there were none, and strange auras where others saw nothing. He also saw people that weren’t there.

Were it not for his grandmother, he would have lost his mind in his early years. She aided him in explaining what he saw, although never in depth, shielding him from the truth. He saw the world as it truly was, no hidden veils blocking what she called the magical or the dead. It wasn’t until he was 17 that he realized that his grandmother was among the dead that he saw.

When he was 18, Henry enlisted in the army. When his rapid progress brought on the accusation of nepotism, he enlisted into the training regiment of the Army Rangers, knowing full well the combination of the first 8 week course following the 3 week course afterwards should silence anyone who would call his grandfather’s honor into question. He lasted the entirety of both courses and became a Ranger, specializing in Investigative procedures.

Once overseas, he became an MP and earned a nod of respect for anyone whom he worked with as very little escaped his notice. When he uncovered a ‘rape party’ involving some of his fellow soldiers, he responded accordingly and prosecuted them. Unfortunately, this time nepotism reared it’s ugly head once again, though not from his family. The families of the men involved made sure that they were given an honorable discharge with pension, despite the overwhelming evidence.

In his punishment, Henry was given a security detail on a classified Urban Assault Vehicle that was being constructed. However, the more he learned about the new tank, the less he could stand idle. The project was off the books and going to be tested on a small town in the middle east, near where it was being built. There were no hostiles in that town but it was considered a potential war zone for the enemy so the higher ups decided to test it there. The evening before the test, Henry removed a small part of the tank.

When it was deployed, the tank stalled, then shut down in the middle of the town it was air lifted into. Once the press saw it, questions were asked that the military had no answers for. They had a field day.

Henry, not so much.

He was interrogated consistently and investigated over and over again but they found no evidence of his involvement in the sabotage. He had been taught by his grandfather to never lie and it was something he held dear. When asked if he removed Bolt-843 from the tank, he said no. Which wasn’t a lie. Because it was a gear.

Since they couldn’t dishonorably discharge someone for the sabotage of a vehicle that technically didn’t exist, he too was given an honorable discharge and pension and sent home. Once there, he began talking to an agent about a cooking show, as he’d achieved his Red Seal while in the service. Before anything could be finalized, however, the men that he had prosecuted found him and severely disfigured his face, ending that potential career.

Since then, Henry has taken himself off the grid. No credit cards, cell phones, nothing. Just one bank account where his pension is deposited, which he hasn’t touched in a long time. Then the events at the train station happened…

Henry Graves

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