Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 12.6

Bravo Team

The party arrive at their destination:
-The vampire with the deep, green eyes,
-the budding pyromancer sparsely covered in white bandages,
-the black and Russian Knight of the Cross,
-the timid werewolf, and
-the multi-coloured hair, fishnet wearing apprentice

The area is decrepit. The trees as far as the eyes can see are withered and dying. A stream cuts through the area starting from a distant storm drain protruding from a distant hill. Behind it is a statue. A weeping angel that once stood atop a grave now blackened by an unknown corruption. Behind the statue is a small, east facing cabin. It’s front caved in and resting on the floor. A dozen or so people walk around the area in a trance like state, some toting automatic weapons. No vampires in sight.

The party stop behind some brambles to assess the area. Most stand guard as Molly uses her wizard’s third eye. Tears adorn her face as she finishes her scout and informs the party. All the opposition are Renfields. Some mind control is subtle, even flawless, taking a skilled magic user and/or much preparation to to execute. The people surrounding the cabin have had a more forceful, quick and dirty form of mind control done to them. Those people will follow orders but their minds are broken. There is no quick spell to undo the damage and even if they were subdued and had some sort of treatment, it might take decades to rehabilitate them. Even so, what would remain would not be pretty.

Sanya says that her father would say that all life is precious and should be defended at all costs. Molly looks defeated. Sanya says that he is not her father and that he is not a Christian. Killing these people would put an end to their suffering. He looks to the party and they all sadly agree. Sally asks about Tera and her pack. Molly says there are 2 wolves; one with much power who is faint of spirit and another who has less overall power but who is a Renfield, Sally bites down her anguish.

Molly says that she didn’t see it but she has a natural sense that’s saying there is some bad, BAD mojo coming from beneath the cabin. The rain get heavier. Molly says they should go now before the rain makes the magic users useless. Sally throws Evelyn’s jacket to Kevin. Kevin glimpses the nude Sally but before he has time to be embarrassed for her, his eyes are now focused on her wolf form. A plan of attack is made.

The Renfielded wolf smells blood and heads out the cabin over the stream. The human Renfields slowly stroll towards the wolf’s direction. Molly makes the Renfields believe nothing is happening in front of them as a freshly bled Evelyn, Kevin and Sally take down the Renfielded wolf who reverts back to human form. Sally reverts to human and cries over the broken, burnt, but not dead body of her friend. Molly yells that she can’t maintain the spell on all of the others and tells them to finish it. Sally can’t. Evelyn can’t either. Sanya moves up but is stopped by Kevin. Kevin picks up the body, tells the others that Sally’s friend will die feeling happy, and he speeds out of view.

Molly veils herself, Sanya and Sally and they head towards the cabin. Evelyn breathes heavily, readying herself and waiting on Kevin’s signal. The Renfields are treated to the real, smoldering view ahead of them. To add to there confusion, a loud noise resembling some college student trying to imitate an eagle sound is heard to the north. With them distracted, Evelyn creates an almost closed circle of fire around them. Kevin speeds in and disarms all of the Renfield’s of their guns and tosses them in the stream. That’s when their plan falls apart.

Making their way across the stream, a lose rock tumbles Molly forward and the rushing water removes the veil. A Renfield seeing the small opening of the fire, towards the stream, sees Molly’s team beyond Kevin, making their way to the cabin. The Renfield pulls out a grenade and tosses it into the cabin and by Tera. Kevin is the only one fast enough to speed into the cabin in time. Kevin’s universe turns white.


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