Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 12.1

It's a Jade New World

Kevin and Evelyn arrive at Kevin’s tower after leaving the Montrose estate. The receptionist, Ellen, welcomes back Kevin, sees Evelyn, and assumes that Kevin’s dinner plans are already full. Kevin says it’s not like that and that he already ate. The receptionist notices the deeper green to Kevin’s eyes and congratulates Kevin. She then quickly informs his parents of Kevin’s full Jade Court status.

Evelyn is marveled by the accommodations and security Kevin now has. Kevin says he just got his trust fund. Evelyn calls him out on how the party kept whispering of Kevin’s new “change”. She also says she’s seen him use many of his powers AND that she has also read the Twilight books. Kevin sits and hangs his head in defeat.

Evelyn says it’s fine and as vampires go, he’s the most courageous one she’s ever met. Kevin almost vomits at the mention of the word but still notices the compliment. She asks what he plans on doing now that he has all this new power and security and doesn’t have to run from contract mercenaries anymore. Kevin says he’ll sleep on it.

Kevin awakes to the smell of steaming food with a side of books that have been brought up. He walks down his stairs to see Evelyn staring out the corner windows of the study, with a cup of coffee, deep in thought. Her thinking, plus the exposed leg protruding from the tight fitting silk robe that was brought up(from a forward thinking Ellen), rouses Kevin’s hunger. He is snapped out of it by Evelyn saying good morning a second time.

After eating, Evelyn goes up to the open area second floor to change. Kevin’s monster of a door starts to open which alarms Kevin since he should be the only one able to open it. Entering is a man who never says much, with muscles nearly bursting out from his sweater. Following is a short yet intimidating woman who you’d never suspect as Jade Court for how much she talks. Kevin’s parent arrive.

Mother Mackintrye(MM) congratulates Kevin on becoming full Jade. Father Mackintrye(FM) nods. Sparing the amount of redundant sentences mothers can use, here’s what she says:
-Baltimore is now his domain but he is free to leave whenever he feels like
-His schooling has been settled and he can choose to pick up where he left off next year or even decide to switch collages anywhere in the world.
-He has boundless funds but still must further the family business but can choose from a multitude of areas he can control; reminder of being immortal so changing fields can be done over lifetimes
-The supernatural community still sees Jade Court as a myth so he MUST do his best to keep his identity a secret
-Most supernaturals will mistaken him for White Court, except for White Court who are their biggest threat.
-Vasiliki knows of Jade Court, of Kevin and his parents. If an opportunity arises to kill Vasiliki, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
-It is important to gain allies. If the Jade Court has a problem, Kevin’s allies can deal with it with little exposure of Jade Court. Any problem Kevin does for them will just be seen as some meddling White Court upstart.
-Lastly, have some woman fall in love with him and get her pregnant.

Kevin spits his coffee and FM wipes it off his stoic face. Apparently, once a woman gives birth from a Jade Court as the father, that woman then becomes Jade Court herself. The offspring is a Jade Court Virgin until the first time he fully feeds. MM says it’s also fine if Kevin’s gay but that he needs a woman to commit to him nevertheless. Kevin yells he’s not gay, why would they think that. MM says they would still love him no matter what. FM nods. Kevin says this conversation is over and that they can leave.

Evelyn appears by the second floor ledge screaming Kevin’s name. She is furious at the attire provided by Ellen, indicating the tight green v-neck she is wearing with the very low V and the skinny jeans Evelyn is unaccustomed to, pointing at her unbuttoned fly. She also can’t find her previous night’s clothes anywhere. Finally noticing they have company, she finishes dressing and comes down to greet his parents with a winning smile.

After small talk, MM whispers to Kevin that it’s natural for a Jade male to pick an extroverted female as to bring attention to her, leaving the male at full strength. With that, Kevin pushes his parents out the door.


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