Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 12.4

Lost and...

Kevin, Evelyn, and Molly head to the university to start their search for Tera West. The campus is not a lively as Kevin remember’s it. Where frisbee tossers and outdoor study goers used to frequent is now occupied by blowing trash and only the odd student rushing hastily to class. A storm is coming in.

Molly demanded Kevin’s people not tag along or bad things might happen to them. Kevin tells them to head back but calms their case of protest by asking them to wait on standby if he needs them. Plus he’s with two attractive AND scary powerful women. He should be fine. Kevin gets back to the girls. Molly reveals her eavesdropping skills and asks if she’s the attractive or the scary one. Kevin blazes a path to Tera’s office.

The trio find no information on Tera’s whereabouts from staff and find that she had no classes this semester. Evelyn finds a list of students in Tera’s desk, many of the names crossed off. Kevin recalls that Tera was in town trying to find missing students and that she suspected some vampire involvement. The trio decide to look for the only student whose name wasn’t crossed off the list yet.

The dorm of the student in question, Sally, is open and empty. Using magic, Molly gets a tracking spell focused on Sally. The three get in a not-so-blue-and-borrowed Volkswagen of Molly’s and head north.

During the ride, Molly rides shotgun to focus on the spell and promises unending suffering to Kevin if he screws up while driving. Evelyn, awed by such effortless self control of magic, asks Molly about the familiar feeling she saw in her. Upon describing the feeling, Molly tells her that Evelyn sensed the black magic inside Molly. Something a Lawbreaker gets. Molly goes into her tale of her misuse of magic and her near execution. By the end of the story, Evelyn’s eyes are red and welling. Molly asks if she’s ok. She says she’s fine and that she’s just happy Molly survived.


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