Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 12.2

A Long Goodbye

Evelyn asks Kevin for a ride home. Along with a new limo, the pair are treated to(without asking for) a practical motorcade of SUV’s keeping eyeful watch.

Evelyn gets to her apartment and asks Kevin to accompany her. Kevin asks his guards to stay there. Evelyn enters her place, tells Kevin to make himself at home and she jumps into the shower. They banter through the open door as Evelyn is heard finishing up and now blow-drying her hair. Kevin mentions he’s only been here the last time to see Susan. A loud pop is heard from the bathroom and a scream from Evelyn. Kevin runs in to find shrapnel from an exploded hairdryer and Evelyn using her towel to smother the many flames. Kevin helps put out the last of it then notices the many cuts adorning Evelyn’s upper body and face. He starts to point them out but then it occurs to him that she’s stark naked.

She notices the cuts and Kevin’s apprehension to her state of dress. She winces in pain as she grabs a hand towel and places it on her lap as see sits on the closed toilet. She motions Kevin to the cabinet where he fetches a first aid kit. Evelyn tells him to dress her wounds as she is and he does so. During the silent bandaging process, Evelyn tells Kevin she’s leaving town.

She’s had enough of Baltimore, this new, supernatural world, and, mostly, all of Kevin’s companion’s as of late. She thought it was all a game with her new powers. She thought she was a superhero. But with heroes come villains and struggle and loss. She wants no more of it.

Applying the last bandage, Kevin says running isn’t an answer to the problem. Evelyn responds by saying that he runs from problems all the time. He says that’s different. Those are fights and avoiding them are sometimes the best course of action. What she is doing is running away from her feelings. Susan is gone. This being so recent, Kevin doesn’t want her to make any rash decisions. She says that her mind is all but made up. She heads to the bedroom and starts to pack. She asks if Kevin can bring her to one last place before she leaves town.

The motorcade stops in front of the Montrose Estate. The pair pass the gate as Kevin tells his men to guard the perimeter. Wellington greets the pair and recounts the events of what happened after they left. Evelyn says she doesn’t care and that she’s done with Evan and his friends. Wellington insists she stay but comes up short on reasons since he’s bound to keep certain details. She tells him that she knows Evan and his crew think she’s something special or the chosen one or whatever. She quits.

The pair leave Wellington staring as they head to Susan’s grave. Evelyn pucks flowers on the way and places the makeshift bouquet on the plot Kevin points out. She also places a photo of Susan and her from days past. Evelyn tells the grave site of her plans. She also asks forgiveness for dragging Susan into this world. Maybe if she had been more subdued with her powers, if she had never accepted that call to the aquarium, and many other things.

Kevin can’t help overhear everything Evelyn says. Maybe it’s his new heightened senses or just plain curiosity. Deep in thought over Evelyn’s words, he doesn’t notice that she has stopped talking and is looking straight at him. The sun has come out and is hitting him through a clearing of the trees. He’s sparkling.

Kevin can’t flee with the sun but still shades his face. Evelyn tells him its ok and that she’d really love to see his face right now. For her, standing over her best friend’s grave, he obliges. She slowly walks toward him as she tells him that, with all the chaos that has happened over the last two weeks, she will miss him. She apologizes about the “running away from fights” remark. In truth, Kevin was the one who pulled her out of the Fort during a fire she started. The person who was a perfect gentleman to Susan even though Susan was practically throwing herself at him in some supernatural drunkenness. He was the only who jumped blindly into an unknown world to keep Susan safe. And he fought a losing battle in defense of her best friend.

Evelyn says that once she leaves, aside from the loss of Susan, she will miss Kevin the most. She knows that she is nothing special no matter what Wellington, and Dante and the others say. She is no hero. But Kevin, in her eyes, is a hero. She takes his hands in hers and asks that when she’s gone that he’ll always be the same. Kevin mumbles some psychiatric logical that it’s natural for beings to constantly change and evolve. She tells him not to ruin the moment. He looks at her and promises to never change.
They kiss. Sparkles intensify.


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