Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 12._5


They get to a sparsely wooded park at the edge of town right as it starts raining. With the car not having a chance going slow in mud and only one umbrella between them, the magic users huddle to stay dry as Kevin follows.

Thunder booms as the trio head deep into unbeaten paths. A hill is conquered just before snarls and grunts are heard in the distance. With trees for cover, they creep up on what looks like a large man trying to swing a sword at a very large wolf. On inspection of her spell and the movements of the grudge match ahead, Molly concludes that the wolf is actually Sally. Evelyn starts to gather will but Molly stops her stating that running water and magic users don’t mix. Also, Molly recognizes that sword.

Molly asks Kevin to create a distraction as Molly and Evelyn need to get closer without the wolf sensing them. Kevin speeds into the fray and starts taunting the wolf. It speeds toward Kevin but then stops in it’s tracks as Molly finishes a spell. The wolf reverts to a naked Sally. Evelyn gives Sally her windbreaker, leaving Evelyn with a tank top, exposing her many bandages from the incident that morning.

The man with the sword walks up to Molly and gives her a big hug. She squirms out of his grasp complaining halfheartedly that he’s damp and muddy. The Knight of the Cross, Sanya, sheathes his sword and greets the party. He says he was returning to town for the ball when he had the gut feeling of something wrong in the park. When he found an encampment of Black Court Vampires, he would call this feeling “divine intervention” if only he wasn’t agnostic. Before assessing further dangers, he was chased to this clearing by this wolf.

Molly explains the situation of Tera, the missing students, and the theory of vampire involvement. The mind control spell that she broke on Sally confirms that these Black Court are particularly powerful. Sally agrees as she comes to.

Sally says that students were going missing around campus. There was suspicion that each of the missing got caught up in a dare or was just generally curious of reports of a creepy statue in the North Parks for no explanation. The wolf pack, tutored by Tera, all went to the park to eliminate any supernatural threat. Sally was the only one who obeyed Tera’s command of not going to tackle threats in her absence from town since this pack was so young.

When the pack never came back, Tera hurried back to town after hearing it from Sally. After her run in with Kevin, Tera and Sally found the pack’s scent very easily. Sally remembers Tera saying the were close, then everything is pretty much a blur until just now.

Molly says they have to go now before the sun sets if the party has any chance of defeating them. Sally yells for caution since this seems like a never ending trap for would-be rescuers. Molly tells her that she can head back, but this has to end before anyone else gets hurt, human or wolf. Sally is left in the clearing as the rain pours down harder. She joins them before they get out of site.


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