Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 10

Safehouses, Sniper Rifles, Mobile Wardrobes, and Gyrocopters

Kevin travels to the address of his newly discovered Jade Court “safehouse”. The address is of a tower complex on a small peninsula of the Fells Point/Canton area by the lake. Upon entering the complex, it is unusually busy for three in the morning. The receptionist initially dismisses Kevin until Kevin makes his identity known. The receptionist whisks Kevin up a private elevator(along with some well dressed security) to the top floor. They exit to a long hallway which ends in what looks to be a huge safe door that covers the entire wall. After hinting for Kevin to use a hand scanner to open the door, the receptionist leaves promising to have some food sent up shortly.

After Kevin views the expansive and trendy loft that is behind the safe doors, he gets a video call from his parents on his massive television screen. They tell him that the contract on him is, for whatever reason, expiring by sunrise this Sunday. It, now being early Thursday morning, Kevin can stay in the safety of this tower on one condition. He kills a mortal and becomes full Jade Court by tomorrow’s sunrise. If not, the staff are instructed to kick him out.

A knock on the vault door proceeds this conversation and Kevin allows in a woman bearing food, and ultimately herself, to eat. Kevin resists feeding on her as she reads to him all night.

In the morning, Dante is awoken by the smell of Wanda’s cooking. She serves him and Evelyn meals and sets places for Evan and Henry then heads out to take a phone call.

Henry over hears Wanda outside. Her side of the conversation tells the listener of not knowing to trust in Evan, the loss of Susan, the fire, and that she’d be somewhere as soon as she could. Evan awakes and he and Henry join Dante and Evelyn for breakfast. Wanda tells the party that she needs to do a job for a friend and that she’d be back when it’s over. She also tells them that she’ll be taking Evelyn with her. Dante protests but Henry lets them go, siding with Wanda’s thoughts that Evelyn should not be in continuous presence of Evan.
Dante leaves to meet Vasiliki.

Kevin leaves the tower via personal stretch limo (with driver) and calls Dante with his timely predicament. Dante tells him to wait for his call and that they’ll set up a plan to one-up the incoming kidnappers right after Dante is done with his meeting. Kevin has the driver keep circling the town.

Dante enters a very bland building and is immediately greeted by his grandfather. The pair head to an upper floor office and enter a sparse office with a desk, a mini bar, but most importantly, a large television screen showing Vasiliki. Dante wants armaments. Vasiliki says he has no real need for his services but will give a small token of help considering his grandfather’s loyalty. Vasiliki tells him to expect some minor work to test his skills buts requests that Dante lay low for the night as he does not want Dante mixed up with what is coming for Kevin in the near future. Dante agrees. Vasiliki ends the conversation by making a vague threat against Leland if Dante would betray him in any way.

Leland states that he’ll hold up Dante until morning. Dante says he has some errands to run but promises to be at the house afterwards. Leland is not too impressed.

Henry takes Evan to the ruins of the estate. A bus slowly drives by showing Wanda in the driver seat being shadowed by Elaine Mallory. Evan magically clears the debris, gaining access to the crypts and the entrance to the vault. At the statue in front of the vault, they find Wellington. Wellington is pretty much revealed to be a disciple of the Spring Queen and has no real obligation to follow Evan if he doesn’t take up the responsibilities of the vault. Upon exiting, they notice a note hanging on the gate door. It reads that if they want Wanda back that they’ll bring Kevin to them. A piece of Wanda’s freshly pulled out hair is attached to the note so Evan can easily find the kidnappers. The duo prepare to head out. Luckily, the reinforced garage kept safe Evan’s mobile pope-mobile which has been converted to a dressing room with much attire. Also, the garage kept safe a very speedy way that they could get to Wanda.

Kevin gets a call from Dante and they start going over plans to fix Kevin’s problems. That’s when a problem of Kevin’s barrels into his limo, crushing the driver, and leaving the vehicle upside down. Kevin tells Dante where he is right as the floor(now in the ceiling position) is being ripped away. A hulking figure sporting a slimy mass constantly slithering over his body and 3 green eyes rips a hole through the car. Kevin douses him with some Jade Court powers just before the bruiser flings Kevin from the limo and through a brick wall of an adjacent warehouse. Dante gets there just as Kevin takes flight, and shoots the bruiser with his new rifle, with little effect. Henry and Evan arrive by gyrocopter as the bruiser enters the warehouse. As the party engages the bruiser, Henry identifies the attacker as a Denarian. Evan searches and magically removes the coin from the Denarian. The slimy over coating of the bruiser disappears and what is left is a morbidly obese human. He is shot in the head by Henry but, despite the gap on the side of his skull, he still reaches for the coin. Evan uses a silver lined handkerchief to pick up the coin. As most of the party debate getting the former Denarian host to medical attention, Kevin kneels down over his body and drains the life from him. Kevin becomes a full Jade Court Vampire.


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