Dresdenverse: Sanctuary

Session 11


Every member of the party realizes that Kevin is now different. They decide to inquire of his new status at a later time as they head in search of the kidnapped Wanda.

The party follow Evan’s spell towards the location of Wanda. They get to a water treatment plant surrounded by police tape. It looks like a war took place here. Evan remembers this place as where his father died in a battle against Damocles Ravenborn and the remaining Red Court of Baltimore. Henry focuses his will and determines that Wanda was led here by a well armed man and that there might be more to his party, both inside and outside the building. Evan stays outside as the rest head into the main building.

Dante quickly finds a vantage point on the second floor of this expansive factory as the rest continue further into the building. They find Wanda and Evelyn sitting in front of an oddly placed table in the middle of the factory floor. They are calming drinking tea across from a gentleman with tactical makeup, armed with various small knives and a large sword. He leaves his AK-47 on the table as he greets the incoming party.

He tells Henry that this meeting was a rousse in conjunction with Wanda and others to have a definitive talk with Evan. Henry brings Evan to the man who introduces himself as Sam Smith. He then requests that he speak alone with Evan, much to the dismay of Wanda. Kevin leads Wanda and Evelyn away but Henry stays with a promise to only observe.

Sam tells him that he does work for the Paranet at times. Initially about to collect the bounty on Kevin, he was convinced by Wanda that Kevin is an ally of Evan’s. Although having no ill intent towards Kevin now, Sam had found Wanda in the presence of two bus loads of people. All have been confirmed to be fugitives of the White Council, all Lawbreakers aside from one Elaine Mallory who was aiding in their escape out of town. He has the buses and Elaine on site and has the resources to deliver them to his contact on the White Council.

Wanda has stated to him that all these people are also allies of Evan’s but Sam is suspicious. He asks Evan if the people are his allies. Evan says no. Sam says that it should then be no problem that he deliver them to White Council justice. Evan says no. Sam is confused. The conclusion of this part of their conversation ends with Sam understanding that even though Evan doesn’t want to kill them, if he is tasked to do so, he would follow the White Council’s rules.

Sam is satisfied and removes his make up right before slowly unsheathing his sword. Kevin comes up to the table and confirms that this is a Sword of the Cross. Sam apologizes for what he promises to be his final rousse. He identifies himself as Sanya, a Knight of the Cross. Elaine and the buses of people are on site but are in no danger. Sanya’s team come out from other areas of the factory to join the table; Diane Basset, Leslie Vastolo, and Sister Peter Ann Doran.

Sister Peter Ann apologizes for the circumstances of this meeting. She also apologizes on behalf of the Paranet for expecting Evan to be exactly as his father. Their intention is to leave town with the Lawbreakers and to never burden Evan with having to go against his duty. Henry states that Evan will no longer be residing on top of the vault. Sister Peter Ann states that as long as Evan is the protector in name, the Paranet will find other accommodations to hide their members. Evan agrees to give full control of the Vault to Henry. The Paranet accepts these terms and states they will work with Henry. Henry asks what to do about Vasiliki’s attempt of a hostile takeover of the vault. Sister Peter Ann says to have faith and that she trusts the party will prevail.

Henry and Evan take Sanya aside to give him the Denarian coin. Wanda, Evelyn and Leslie lead Dante and Kevin outside towards the buses. Halfway across the courtyard, Evelyn tumbles suddenly as a thump and a thundering boom is heard. Evelyn starts bleeding out. Elaine, at the garage entrance, yells out “Sniper!”

Distance muzzle flashes bombard the factory grounds from all angles. Henry gets Evelyn to Sister Peter Ann and Diane for treatment. Dante follows and tries to identify the attackers locations. Leanansidhe shows up to offer Dante help with Evelyn and the situation. Dante declines. Kevin tries to run but is stopped by the sun appearing and removing his powers. He hides by an overturned truck with Wanda. A rumble is heard and 2 Uber Ghouls dig themselves out of the ground near the garages and make their way towards the truck. Evan conjures a mist around the the area for cover. The party attack the ghouls but they have no luck finding the snipers as Wanda gets shot. Sanya heads into the fray and does major damage to one ghoul but gets super unlucky as he is knocked unconscious by his opponent.

Elaine and Leslie keep the buses safe as Evan creates a mist around Kevin, allowing him to take out the snipers. Evan is then near fatally shot and tumbles to the ground. Henry and Dante manage to finally kill the ghouls as Kevin kills all the snipers, sucking out the life of the last one.

Diane gets all the wounded conscious again. Sanya proclaims that the Knights of the Cross will support Henry’s claim for the vault. Elaine promises to work close with Henry to better rehabilitate the Lawbreakers. Evelyn stays as Sanya and the rest of Baltimore’s Paranet leave to deliver the people on the buses back to their homes. As Evan gets to his feet he realizes something is off. He checks his pockets. The eyes are missing! The keys to the vault are gone!


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